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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MarkyMark, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. How would you guys feel about a new luchador stable?

    Put Hunico in a mask and then when Rey comes back he leads a new group of luchadors trying to bring the high flying culture back to WWE. It would involve Rey, Sin Cara, and Hunico.

    I really miss seeing fast paces luchador style wrestling.



    Not sure why the picture posted so small
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  2. Chavo should wear a mask also.
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  3. Hunico and Sin Cara had a huge feud though didn't they so unless they expect us to forget that I can not see it happening.

    Would possibly be a alright idea but Hunico and Rey annoy me.
  4. What do you do with Camacho?

  5. It would be cool, but I'm not sure people would buy it. I guess a stable consisting of any hispanic workers instead of being limited to masked wrestlers would work better, and would have more people involved.
  6. Maybe they could all start wearing masks. that would be cool.
  7. It would, I agree. I think that the main problem with the stable suggested by MarkyMark is that there would only be three wrestlers, and I think a larger stable would be cooler. If they were all masked it would be awesome, Rey, Sin Cara, Del Rio, Hunico, Primo and Epico all wearing masks attacking people all over the place, it's a good idea.
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  8. Del rio no...

    Bring back El Dandy!
    Maybe hire the Ice cream men and the Colony

  9. This would be awesome imo.

    If not, at least align Del Rio with Rey for a tag-team.
  10. Well of course there would be more than 3. That was just a starting idea. Could you imagine masked luchadors doing "flippidy doos" or whatever Slater said all over the place randomly attacking people.
  11. [​IMG]

    I love luchadores so a group would be cool.
  12. I'd like to see the stable attack Slater when it's dark.
  13. ... yes?
  14. I was testing if the tag worked. Cuz I tagged u like 3 times in the Ryback thread in SD and it didnt work.
  15. I loved the Power Rangers!!!

  16. haha awesome.
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