A new study suggests..

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crankdeer, May 13, 2014.

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  1. Scientists have recently studied that 85% of individuals give less amount of fucks if the original fuck was sang in a show tune. Recently, an experiment at the University of Skallowiztferhurer showed that an alarming 38% of Australians give a fuck but only towards Hugh Jackman. In 1905, an amazing 91% of world population agreed that the over all fuckery of fucks was fucked, thus concluding that study. Since then, we have never seen numbers reach as high as 22% until now. Scientists are already advising world leaders to come together and build 'fuckery-bunkers' as this will be the end of days.
  2. I have been observing lads on nights out down the boozer and guess what? women love men like me

    all this bitterness from other people saying women want a pretty boy, or a lad with lots of money is bollocks lads.

    people say i need to have a job at 28, well guess what? i could not give a shiny shit and social standing. and guess what else? i dont give a shit about credbility.
  3. FIGHT THE POWER! :angry:
  4. Another HQ post by Tgmiveld.
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  6. thanks lad

    all this studing mumbo jumbo, load of bollocks

    we all know the system fucked up after 2003
  7. LOL'd.... YOU BLOODY BUGGER! :angry: :haha:
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