Kayfabe A New Threat To Precision


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*As the pyro's begin to open up Saturday Night Precision the crowd are on their feet chanting "Yuri!" due to his loss against the debutante and new Survival Champion Austin Cruz. After a few seconds of silence Austin Cruz's music hits*

*The whole arena is shaking with boo's as Austin Cruz walks out onto the stage with the Survival Championship around his shoulder. He looks straight at the camera near him with a smile on his face and points at the Survival Championship. He then walks down the ramp stopping every few steps and raises the title making sure every single person knows, he then walks around the ring to grab a microphone, enters the ring and begins to speak*

Austin Cruz: I don't see why you all have to be so harsh about the fact I saved Yuri Black's life. You see if I didn't end it then and there Yuri would have embarrassed himself even more, you guys don't learn that he will always let you down. For those who are confused let me introduce myself, My name is Austin Cruz and I am the new Survival Champion and last week not only did I capture this title, but I ended a "legends" career.

Austin Cruz: I give him his due, he has lifted my career off, for a debut that is pretty impressive am I right? Making a superstar retire and then capture a title, you gave me a great deal there Yuri you really did.

Austin Cruz: Now that's over I came out here to address this message to all of you people and the people in the locker room. This show has just been put on notice, I have shown I'm more than capable to get to the top, so to Will and Joseph, watch out because sooner or later, which ever one it is going to be I will be taking your places and become the face of the company, it's time to make this title mean something and what else is greater than Austin Cruz to hold it. For anyone out there who thinks they are relevant enough to challenge me for this title, whether it's tonight or next month I'm ready!

*As the crowd boo Austin Cruz drops his microphone and stands on the top rope with the title raised in the air as he points to himself and says inaudible words. The screen fades black*
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