A Nexus Memorial

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  1. I often ask myself the fascination some have with DX. I never cared for them much, but I thought Evolution was very 'classy'. Anyways, I wonder how Nexus may be memorialized.

    Wade Barrett - I see Hunter in him :wade:
    Daniel Bryan - beloved on the Indys :bitw:
    Ryback - needs eyedrops, very big man
    David Otunga - love this guy :otunga:
    Heath Slater - cute and adorable :slater:
    Michael Tarver - strange
    Justin Gabriel - :emoji_slight_smile:

    Some of you use these wrestlers in your sig/avatar, so I pose you all to open your thoughts to the potential of this group to remembered as of the most fascinating.
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  2. :smug::lol1::lol1::win::pity::obama:
  3. It was an awesome idea but was crapped on due to booking (which by the way involved Cena). Too bad, but at least some of the members have bright futures.
  4. So much truth :lol1:
  5. How I see them :yay:

    Wade Barrett is a soon to be World champion, very good heel, and a great wrestler. Wade is one of the best wrestlers WWE can use at the moment.

    Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in WWE, already a world champion and should be current champion, needs some work on a mic, and a different character.

    Ryback is just someone who is probally going to be like Goldberg, just building up his streak. Could see him as a world champion in the future since they're building him up like this.

    David Otunga is known to not be good in the ring, but I think he's decent on the mic and can play his gimmick well. Only see him getting as far as the Intercontinental champion.

    Heath Slater I can't see being a world champion unless he changes. He's funny, I like seeing his segments. I see him only being a US champion.

    Michael Tarver is someone I think is pretty cool. Obviously is released and not going anywhere as of now.

    Justin Gabriel is a good wrestler, I can see him and Tyson Kidd as a good part of the tag team division. I can see him being great on his own too, possibly a future world champion.
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  6. Nice I was alone in my pondering moments. lol. The participation is appreciated.
  7. Can I have a participation muffin? o3o
  8. OK in my world Nexus is only Wade, Heath, Justin, Daniel, and David.

    They're really awesome. I jumped ship before for them (I was splish450splash). This, in my opinion, is the best storyline in the recent years.
  9. Even ex-team members deserve smilies. j/k :emoji_slight_smile:
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  10. Tarver was incredible no the mic. Shame he was released.
  11. Love how slater is the only jobber smiley and the only one not smiling.
  12. barret has a future, Ryback might if wwe can do sothing productive with him and bryan as much as i hate him is already there so three from 7 aint bad lol
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  13. Barrett is the future of the wwe! wouldnt be surprised if in 20 years he was valued the same as the undertaker!