Kayfabe A Night To Remember.

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  1. *It's the Precision right before Night of Champions, Will Neilson has just lost to Alice Xander and is coming out to a huge reception. The crowd love Will as he does his signature taunt on the ramp and walks down to the ring, he pumps the crowd up and walks into the ring. The audience can't wait for the announcement he is going to make.*

    Will: Night of Champions..... it's in the name people. This Sunday, Precision's best superstars will go head to head and every title is on the line! The Iron Man championship, my rival Antonio 'Anarchy' Stark vs. Spike Cox, the rude and unpleasant vs. the new upcoming talent. The Main Event, Pretty Boy Buster Gates vs. Sailor Moon reject Alice Xander, this will be a great match, and it will crown our first world champion. Finally... the match that will steal the show, yours truly, Will Neilson vs. 'Old School' Billybob Bronson. I've heard good things about Bill, he's an old school legend and he puts his heart into every match just like I do. I hope he brings his A-game, because you all know, I bring mine every time I step into this ring, even if failure is my fate! At the end of the night, I will be holding the European Title high above my head! A symbol of recognition, and a way to prove my skill as a WWEF superstar.

    *The crowd are cheering as loud as they can, and start chanting 'Neilson!' repeatedly, Will Neilson takes it all in with a bright smile on his face.*

    Will: In other news, you all know my rivalry with Antonio and Chris. At the moment, it's 1 vs. 2 and that's not fair in my books. It's now time to introduce to you, my NEW tag team partner and a fellow lover of McDonalds! The high flying genius himself, RHYS HAAAAZE!!!

    *The crowd cheers grow even louder as a familiar theme song starts to play...*

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  2. Seconds after Will announces Rhys as his new tag partner, his entrance music begins to blast throughout the arena to a loud pop, with faded boos due to his unfortunate loss streak...

    Rhys runs to the ring like a bolt of lighting - high fiving the fans around ringside before sliding into the ring to talk about this new alliance...
    Rhys: *Muffled sounds can be heard of the two speaking to eachother while Rhy's music plays for a few more seconds. Rhys takes the mic he was introduced with from Will and begins his promo* Hellloooooooooooo Precision!! *He takes a short minute to listen to the roaring crowd cheering for this new tag team forming inside the ring. He interrupts the cheering to talk again* So - as you have just heard from my new freind Will, we are indeed joining forces to rebel against the evil duo: Antonio and the monster, Chris 'Doomsday.' - a name he likes to call himself... *A huge boo is heard for the heels*

    Rhys: Moving on from that... You may be wondering: "Oh why would you wanna tag with Will? He beat you! You suck!" or you may be anticipating an epic rematch from us? Either way, we teamed up for one reason: to reverse the path of destruction being created by Antonio and Doomsday. *A large cheer from the fans is heard* Antonio thinks he can get away for almost kicking my friend's head off? No way; And Chris, I see what you are trying to do. You want to assist Antonio in eliminating Will and ending his career with violent attacks. I cant sit backstage and see you doing this any longer. We are coming for you two with everything we have, like it or not.

    Rhys: You already know im not the biggest guy on this roster, but i'm not scared. Win or lose, we are going to bring you down and end your reign of terror.

    *The crowd cheers once again for Rhys and Will who are eager to see this rivalry play out. He gives the mic back to Will after venting out his fustration through the ending of this promo. He begins to calm himself by jumping on the spot and punching the air*

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    Will: The two men you see standing in this ring, are the two men who are going to bring down Antonio and Chris. This is a warning to the both of you... we ain't here to play around.... we're here to stop the path of destruction that you are trying to bring to Precision and kick your ass! *Crowd cheers for the new tag team and some very faint boos can be heard, Will composes himself for what he is about to say next.* Night of Champions will come and go, and the very next show after Night of Champions, I will be standing in this ring with the European Championship and Antonio will not be holding that Iron Man championship, someone like him doesn't deserve a title, that title is a sign of respect and you have nothing but plain disrespect to everyone who trys to stand up to you.

    Will: Me and Rhys are going to be the most popular tag team you will ever see here in Precision, and that is because of all of you! *Will points at the audience, so does Rhys and the audience start clapping and cheering for the two.* Finally, just to prove that we mean business, Rhys over here will be taking on Chris 'Doomsday' Parks at Night of Champions! He's going to beat Chris and prove that we do mean business. Last week was the warning shot, Night of Champions will be the real deal.

    *Will drops the Mic as him and Rhys fist bump each other and get up on the top turnbuckle to celebrate the birth of a new tag team here in Precision. What will these two bring at Night of Champions? You'll have to find out Sunday.*

    OOC: @TheFrostyBlur - If you can, add Rhys Haze vs. Chris Parks to the match card, check with both of them first though so they know what's happening.
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