Kayfabe A Omega STAR Introduction.

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  1. *The crowd are chatting among themselves when Zan "The Omega" STAR Theme music plays through the speakers and echos into the crowd. But judging on Zans induction segment. Zan straight away gets a negative reaction.

    ZanSTAR walks out from the curtain and onto the stage. The crowd don't give him a bigger reaction or anything... Because why would they ?. Zan with his black shades and black leather jacket. Causally walks down the ramp giving no fucks and just having that swag that says "I'm better then you". Gives no interest to the crowd... Or anyone, because he's the only one that matters... while walking up the stairs. Zan is in the ring and goes over to the side of the ring to be given a microphone. Zan "The Omega" STAR... Waits for his music to stop, before speaking.*

    Zan "The Omega" STAR:
    Turn up the night... Because Zan "The Omega" STAR is just as strong in the day light. Zan "The Omega" STAR chooses when he "debuts" and Zan "The Omega" STAR chooses how he does it. I'm just that well thoug..... I'm just The cream of the crop. *crowd boo*... I've had my followers sent tweets about why I wasn't involved in the championship tournament. It's quite simple really. Zan "The Omega STAR doesn't do auditions. Whoever wins that pathetic tournament, will have me to answer. This company has just found their solution in hiring Zan "The Omega" STAR. Just a matter of time until the championship is on its rightful owner. But Zan "The Omega STAR lives in the moment... and the moment is now. You see The Zan Man has his own little tourn.... Tour happening and the lucky people of whatever state we're in tonight has the chance to witness the first act live. Each week I will be showcasing my talents against well known wrestling legends around the globe. So lets get the act underway and introduce the first job....... athlete.... Bring him on out.

    *The crowd get excited wondering who this wrestling legend is.... The theme music hits and.................. The crowd are utterly disappointed

    Zan takes to the microphone again.*

    Zan "The Omega" STAR: That's right it's Barron "B" Blade. This world wide athlete appeared in many of our games.... from making us summit in our trial showing to being on that monster winning streak. The man was with us all the way. Now I have the honour to fight the man in real life.... Because I can. Barron, this isn't personal, it's just business.

    *The match begins and it's over in 15 seconds. Zan hits the omega driver and it is all over, just like that. Zan grabs the microphone.*

    Zan "The Omega" STAR: That was.... fun. Hopefully the next one is a better challenge.

    *Zan walks out of the ring and up the ramp...... making his well debut.*

    End of segment
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