Spoiler A Paul Heyman Girl?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. I'll post the video when I find it.

    It would be interesting for Paul to choose a girl but what how could it play out? I mean AJ Lee is a heel so it's improbable she'd feud with another heel. Also,do you think that someone like Paige would be better than someone like Ohno?
  2. No. Paul being with a female would get rid of my piss breaks. Not feeling it. Put him with Ohno
  3. Him getting a girl as a client would not be good. Find someone to feud with Punk, and that someone is Ohno.
  4. I personally think the girl comment is a red herring. It feels like Heyman has said "stay down" to Punk too much lately for me not to get Corey Graves vibes.
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  5. I want AJ to remain the Diva's champion for a long time (all the way up to Wrestlemania XXX) so Heyman choosing to manage a girl and push her strong to the title doesn't fit for me. And what a step down for Heyman it would be anyway.
  6. Maybe Paul Heyman needs some meals to be cooked and laundry to be done?
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  7. Not a fan. I'd really rather see a male wrestler get the rub, because it'll just be wasting Heyman to involve him with divas.
  8. Not sure.

    It's such a wildcard. It can be great or really, really bad. If it is Paige, I'm leaning towards it being really bad. :urm:
  9. I'm probably the only person who would like to see Paul Heyman manage an up and coming new female wrestling star. It would add a new and interesting dimension to the Divas division with a big name like Paul Heyman being involved. It could lead to development of the other Divas to support feuds with this "Paul Heyman Girl" until they're built enough to face the Divas champion. I hope AJ stays Divas Champion for quite a while since she's the most over out of the Divas division right now, but she does have to undergo a gimmick change (she's been the crazy chick for a while now lol) at some point so it's not completely unlikely that a "Paul Heyman Girl" couldn't feud with her. Either way I like the idea of this.
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  10. I like the Idea, would make the Diva's division even more interesting to watch.
  11. it would give the divas division SOMETHING to talk about.
  12. I think he should choose the FUTURE of the Woman's Division,Bayley.

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    You thought I was going to say Paige?Pfft:pity:
  13. Ugh, don't want to see Paige, as HEYMAN guy!
  14. I personally think that he shouldn't recruit a female for his Paul Haymen GUY's collection. I think Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar are enough for now, but first of all Curtis Axel needs to get over more, that's the main objective.
  15. You want to see AJ with the title....THAT MUCH?
  16. A Paul Heyman ... Girl?

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  17. Can we expect some sort of sexual attraction between Paul Heyman guys and this new girl?

  18. Yes. I couldn't really care less about the diva's division per se, but being objective, I like AJ and she makes a good champion and I think they should ride that for as long as possible. Wrestlemania being Wrestlemania makes it the perfect stopping point for me.

    Hopefully not, or at least in the sense that it leads to anything. I could see Curtis Axel being flirty maybe with someone but a woman under Heyman's guise would have to be strong in character and I could see her slapping him or something for trying to hit on her. Brock Lesnar definitely would look odd trying to flirt with a girl, so a definite no to that one.
  19. I don't think Lesnar would flirt with the new girl, but I could see some sort of relationship between Axel and the new Heyman girl, then a typical wedding that ends in a split between one of the members that in my opinion would be axel.

  20. A wrestling wedding is the last kind of tripe I'd want Paul Heyman to be involved in, even if it ended in a split at the altar or something. To be honest, Axel seems like the kind to flirt with a woman only to get smacked or told off or something. That'd about the full extent I could see that going. I don't want Heyman to get involved in a relationship between two of his clients. Wrestling weddings are almost always shit.
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