A plugin I'm likely going to invest in.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Crayo, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. I don't want to write another essay (just wrote one to the developer), so I'll summarise. I'm potentially purchasing a plugin which will display how many times you've been top poster for the day. For example it could say: "Number One Poster: 9" if you have had 9 days of being the top poster (it doesn't have to be consecutive days).

    Vince is obviously going to run away with this and dominate everyone but I thought it'd be a cool thing to have and doesn't seem hard to make at all, and people seem rather interested in who's posted the most. I'm likely going to try and come up with more features to warrant a plugin, so if you think of any please post them here.
  2. will it get broken?
  3. Hey hey hey Crayo, what about you add in a plugin where we could see which posts were liked that we posted.
  4. Nearly put this in the OP but since it's custom it won't break lmao. Public plugins always result in crap here, so going custom ftw.


  5. Okay but still, like the idea of this plugin. Will it just say the top poster or will it be like top ten poster in the last couple of days and then a post count?
  6. I think that could be cool, some sort of leaderboard displaying who's been top poster of the day the most times.
  7. I actually would rather see this kind of plugin. It'll make people compete for the top five poster or just to beat someone who's in front of you.

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    yah, it'll take space but it might get us more activity. it may be public but a lot of forums have this. inb4Xanthsaysno
  8. Seen it, you have to keep the Iran copyright and it's incredibly ugly. Not going to be added unfortunately.
  9. Yeah this plugin might just help this forum generate more posts for threads like our Raw discussion threads or PPV discussion threads.
  10. I think people are misunderstanding the point of the plugin. Activity has never ever been higher here, so we certainly aren't adding this to increase it lol. It's just user satisfaction, a cool nifty feature to appreciate those who contribute a lot daily.
  11. Ohhh. Lol your explaining sucks. :jake:
  12. RE: A plugin I'm likely going to invest in.o

    Sounds cool I think. Vince will absolutely dominate though :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Any chance you will ever go through with that hashtag one that was mentioned a few months ago? I know I never stop going on about it but it would be awesome.
  13. RE: A plugin I'm likely going to invest in.o

    We never came up with an idea for it. I mean all it would do is search for posts that is hashtagged. What can be added to it (possibly make a new thread suggestion before hijacking this lol)?
  14. So the main thing is that everyday we will see who is the current top poster.
  15. Well the main thing is your post bit will update with the number of times you've been the top poster for that day. It'll also have a leaderboard maybe of who's been the top poster for the day the most times.

  16. :isee:
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  17. Oh that's quite interesting.
  18. Seems unnecessary to me, but if it's not that expensive or causes much trouble then I'm not against it.
  19. Turns out time zone issues really restrict the usage of this plugin. Closed.
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