a pretty horrible review, dont waste your time.

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  1. Dolph's said i should rock out a review, so im going to put out a simple one that should only take me 10 mins to type at most. This won't be special, entertaining, or funny besides the random hate ill spew, and anyone who watched dest-x knows there isn't much to hate on.

    1. Rubix is a mafking boss. The first match that came on was just sick, there were some easy-to-tell messups, but once i saw the backflip over the top rope, i was instantly sold on this being a great ppv. Lars only was apart of all of 30 seconds, and Dakota Dashow was easily supposed to show off his skills while still jobbing, so i knew it was between the final two. Was hoping for rubix, but Mason put on a great show as well, and the match ended with him getting the W, and then

    2. defeating kidd kash. I dont like Kash very much, as he looked pretty stiff in some of his ordeals, but they put on a decent match. I really just assumed Kash was going to stomp after the beginning, but it worked out into something worth watching.

    3+4. Both the x division matches after were worth watching, but i saw nothing special that i remember well enough to type out here in the first match, as kenny king pulled off the W. I got to see the moonsault stomp from Sanjay, and obviously marked out like a child trying to figure out how the hell he can pull that off in the ring while WWE bans moves like ortons punt.:finger: wwe.

    5. Zema Ion is the high flying version of a guy who would fuck robbie E, and take it from T. The match was decent but only a few high up moves, as Ion won with his nasty special, which ended with flip really slowing down the momentum with his face. Anyone else see how many times the camera had to pan away because of the losing wrestler breaking face and looking around, then immediately going back into pain mode? Oh well.

    6. Samoa Joe and Angle was a great match, as Joe was clearly slowed down by the 7-8th minute, and Angle showed how much stamina he has, as the belly to back thrice must take a lot out of him. I still cheer you suck at angle, even when i want him to win (like in this match). Joe gets the W, after flipping over on the ankle lock, three times? It was sad watching Angle play beat like a boss while joe just flipped over to kick out of the lock like a fatass.:dafuq:

    7-10 im going to rewatch and come back and edit the posts, as i was pretty out of it just waiting for the ME and probably what was Match of the Year so far.

    Im going 9/10 just because of a couple of young wrestlers having a tough time selling moves, but it was a PPV that should make the WWE jealous, the only problem is too many people are sleeping on TNA while still complaining about WWE. Most of those people dont know what NXT is, and dont like Superstars also, so fuck em.:finger:

    If you feel you wasted your time reading this, learn to read the caption. This is more of a post to get feedback from D'Z, Rainman, Testify, Seabs, and Stop. Vince if you're reading this and feel like commenting, :finger: Dont.

  2. What was your reaction to Aries winning the belt? Use the most fitting gif you can find
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  4. I liked what I read, Aids, especially about Joe-Angle. I enjoyed the hell out of the match and marked when Joe when.
  5. Interesting stuff... it was a lot of fun seeing the X-Division qualifiers just to see yet again what those guys can do. It's a shame they had to pick so many scrubs for that little tournament, may Rashad Cameron and Dakota Darsow never grace my TV Screen again.

    As for Joe-Angle... daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn what a match that was. At least Joe's in better shape than he was last year, it seems the awesome Joe the ninjas' took from us has returned, and that lazy, fatass doppleganger we had to deal with last year is gone. Kurt Angle is awesome, he made that match. Sign Rubix right now TNA
  6. At the pc only for a few minutes, then back home to watch Smackdown and wash the shit down with a good dose of last nights impact.

    WWE makes me do this. [​IMG]

    AA winning the belt? [​IMG] Sexy sax man saxagram FTW.

    Ill update this trash later, thanks for the responses team. Vince:finger::haha:
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