WrestleMania A Question About the Main Event...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. They'll Be Fine...They'll Be Right Into It...

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  2. They'll Just Start Leaving Early...

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  3. They'll Boo The Piss Out Of Both Guys...

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  1. #1 Grievous II, Mar 8, 2018
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    So...I was just wondering something...

    If Brock is leaving...
    the fans are still booing Roman...(He might be cheered...:emoji_smirk:)
    there is no MitB "Get out of Jail free card" like at Mania 31...

    Is it possible that this could be Goldberg vs. Lesnar Mk.1 from
    Wrestlemania XX all over again?

    I mean the crowd shit all over Reigns vs. Triple H at Mania 32...
    I'm not sure how the crowd reacted at Mania 33 because I didn't
    watch the main event...& I never will...but seriously...how do
    honestly think the live crowd will react & if they react negatively
    will that impact the match itself?

    Is it possible the WWE will think about putting Styles vs. Nakamura
    on last simply to avoid ending their biggest show of the year with
    thunderous boos?

    I mean its a terrible look for the company...and for the event itself.

    I'm being perfectly honest here & I'm not hating on Roman again...
    its not his fault the WWE turned him into the "Summoner of Boos"
    with his awful booking.

    The guy can work a match...I just think he doesn't have the personality
    to back that in-ring skill up.


    Thoughts, Opinions & Views below...& before you ask...Yes!
    I've already taken my meds so I'm fine.

    See you all around the traps...
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  2. It really depends how they book Roman the next few weeks.. Last Monday was terrible, nothing happened to keep his momentum going from the week prior... If the storyline is really hot going into WrestleMania, i think it will be fine.

    Putting Nakamura and Styles on last would be a huge surprise. I think there's a better chance of them putting the mixed tag match on last with Rousey.

    Styles and Nakamura might open the show, which is not a bad thing, that's the 2nd best spot to be in. It will likely be a really good match, so it will get the crowd hot for the rest of the show.
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  3. I reckon this storyline of the 'company workhorse vs the part timer' will get the fans against Brock so they may actually cheer for Roman. The kids anyways.

    The smarks will probably still boo the guy and cheer when he gets F5'd.
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  4. They actually somewhat cheered for the match itself at mania 31, even before Rollins came out. They cheered because the match was entertaining and actually not half bad. It felt like a fight. If they do that again and amplify it, they may just cheer because of the physicality.
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  5. Shrug
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  6. To be fair. Who the fuck else is there to face Brock? Nobody on that Raw roster stands out.
  7. The match will be more hard hitting and intense as their first match at 31'. Lesnar vs Goldberg was bad cuz both men were leaving the company, and Goldberg, the baby face, does not have nearly the amount of ring talent that Reigns and Lesnar possess. These guys are gonna make it look like a real fight, it will be the best match on the card. Definitely not the longest, but surely the most intense. Look at Goldberg vs Lesnar last year. That shit was only like 5 minutes, but every second of it was great action and entertaining, and I personally think it was the most exciting match on the card
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. And I fucking called it...

    The Beach Balls were getting bigger pops than both men...

    Time to change plans WWE...
  10. Do any Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns fans have any excuses
    to why the crowd didn't give a shit about this match?

    Please...explain to me how I was wrong even though I was right.