A question for the UK more specifically london area

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  1. Do you guys actually want a football team? You guys get a game this week (sorry for those teams btw :pity:)

    But, would you guys actually support a NFL team from that area? Roger Goodell is seriously considering it.
  2. Honestly I don't think there'd be enough NFL fans in the country, let alone London, to warrant a hand-egg team.

    I think we've had 2(?) games in Wembley recently, I know they do the yearly gimmick of coming over here. Dunno why.
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  3. I wouldn't really care, I hate both kinds of football.
  4. Its bad enough that they show Rugby on tv here, i would not want to have too put up with NFL too (it is shown here now but it is in the early hours because of the time difference)
  5. Roger Goodell. Making idiotic business decisions since whenever he became commissioner
  6. I think it's a wise business decision tbh. UK hand-egg fans are rising every year, and with an actual team, you'd have pretty much the whole country supporting that team. Tons of merchandise sales etc.
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  7. Just as a fan I love the Wembley game. You UK fans are fantastic. Seems like you get stuck with a lousy game every year though :downer:

    Can't see a London football team working though. Travel is a bitch, picking up free agents is next to impossible... Players and owners don't seem to want it. They pitched the idea a few years ago of sending the same team out there every year so they can follow them along, love that. Anyone know of a way to contact the Commish to let him know "Psssst: Send San Diego there every year!" so that way you guys can follow an entertaining team, even if they are cursed. Rams or Jaguars, get out of here. We don't even want those teams, you fans deserve better hand-egg.
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  8. I remember when the giants played miami there that a lot of the players really enjoyed being over there. Osi Umenyori is on record (sorry too lazy to find the direct quote) but he would actually want to play there. I guess it helps he is from the UK though :okay:
  9. Well we had the London Monarchs who played at wembley for a while in that crappy NFL spin off league (WLAF), and the first eason attendances were pretty good iirc, but as time went on i think they dropped as people realised it was a second rate league, just checked attendances were between 35 and 50 thousand in the first season, then pretty much tailed off a lot as the product wasn;t all that great

    As for a proper pro team in the UK, logisitically it would be pretty shitty tbh, and the time difference would be too much, pretty much would never get a home game on MNF, as it's about 1.30am UK time that it starts, and stuff like that, also for some of us brits who already like NFL we have our own teams we follow, and yeah going to some games would be cool, but it's unlikely that my team would relocate here and it becomes less of a draw to go and see a team several times a year that you don't actually support, once a bear always a bear
  10. I would imagine that the majority of your games would be 6-8 pm your time (1 pm our time) I don't see how the time difference would be the issue. Every game would be primetime for you guys basically.
  11. I didnt mean for us timezone wise, but basically you have a team whos never getting a home game on MNF or TNF due to the time zones, which would kinda suck as a franchise knowing that
  12. True, and I actually agree with you about everything else.

    It would basically be like how SOCCER is here for us. Maybe better.
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