A random assortment of my designs and stuff.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by White Panda, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. This is probably about a 40th of everything I've ever made, but I can't be fucked to find it all.

    Lisbeth Salander Portrait // Vector Recreation

    Flatlight Alt. Style Tag

    Vector Panda iPhone Background (Made for GF at the time)

    Vector Image Remakes of GF at the time

    Pentooling Randomness Tag

    Incomplete Vert. Tag that I still think looks nice, though empty. :C

    Vector Cookie Background (Made for sis)

    Typography Background (Self Motivation)

    Vector Tag (Lacking Description?)

    Colorfully Creepy Tag

    Tag made for GF at the time

    Style Testing, incomplete

    Whorbing and pen tooling tag

    Style Testing, nice outcome

    Smudge Tag

    C4d Noodles Tag

    Butterfly Tag

    C4D abstract tag (Gift for someone)
  2. I love your work. I LUFF IT.


    My fav.
  3. Yea, that one is one of my favorites also, sadly I lost the psd when my comp went boom. T.T
  4. Too much awesomeness.


    2nd fav.
  5. My favorite is probably this one for two reasons;
    1. It was my first breakthrough signature. It was the one that showed I had really gotten far at the time and it is still one of my best either way.
    2. Everyone thinks it's two dudes kissing, so I get to lol at the fact that most people don't get that girls can have short hair.
  6. I thought it was boy & girl.
  7. That's because you're special, hun.
  8. My first foavorite would be "Colorfully Creepy Tag"

    Second would be "Butterfly Tag"

    That's probably your two best pieces in there. Nice job though :wink:
  9. Wow man epic stuff really like the C4d Noodles Tag and the Colorfully Creepy Tag!

    All impressive tho keep up the good work!

  10. Keep trying to persuade him to make our logo!

    @[White Panda].
  11. @[White Panda] make @[Crayo] happy an make him our forum logo!

  12. @[Crayo]
  13. lmao silly owl.