A Review of Hulk Hogan's Autobiography

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jacob Fox, Feb 21, 2015.

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  1. I didn't want to revive the "Mad Lies of Hulk Hogan" thread, but I came across this review of his autobiography and got a good laugh out of it. I thought maybe some of you guys might enjoy it so I'm passing it along.

    This is mainly amusing to me because the reviewer captured the voice Hogan used throughout the book, I got a good chuckle out of it so I hope a few people here do too.

    "Let me tell you brothers, I didn't fight for this country so that I could come back and see people criticize the greatest book ever written. This book can be added to any list of great literature. It also reaches out to history buffs as Hulk shares his trials and tribulations. A lot of Hulkamaniacs have died so we have the right to read books like this. This book was on the banned books list for a few years and it has recently been pulled off the list. I learned about this book several years ago. Upon my father's deathbead he grabbed me by the collar and told me to always remember the words written in this book. He then unvieled his new Hulk Hogan tattoo on his chest as his life left him. Serious thought has actually been given to adding this book to the Bible. I know people who learned to read just so they could read this book. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

    Anyone else who gives this book a bad review is going to recieve an Atomic Leg Drop courtesy of me! You'll know I'm serious when you're on the ground and you see me bouncing off the ropes!"
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  2. So you're saying Hogan did NOT quote that?
  3. I figure it was one of two things:

    A fan making fun of Hulk Hogan


    Hulk Hogan giving his honest opinion of his book.

    I honestly think either is believable
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  4. Or it was Hulk Hogan giving his honest opinion of his book while disguised as fan, but making a caricature of himself.
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  5. I believe that is well within the great powers of Hulkamania, brother (or Jack if I've said brother too much)
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  6. Of course.
    I'm waiting for the interview where Hogan takes credit for the Stone Cold persona.
    If you recall the ECW interview Austin did, Hogan easily explain away Austin's rage as a symptom of Hogan inspiring (holding back) Austin all that time.

    Following that, I'd love to hear Hogan tell how the Montreal Screw Job was actually his idea in order to bring Bret to WCW.
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  7. Steve Austin has always been good at handling Hogan's nonsense. After that promo you posted (which I think is the best of Austin's career) the only time I have ever known him to give Hogan the time of day was when he mentioned at a Hall of Fame ceremony that he had a can of whoopass with Hogan's name on it. Other than that, he knows he has nothing to prove and Hogan only wants to face Austin because he believes he will be booked to win... which I am sure would not happen. Hogan's been beating that horse for over 10 years now.

    Hogan seems to have a really negative opinion of Bret Hart from what I've seen. However, if you emailed him your idea, I am 100% he'd make that claim within a few days.
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  8. Hogan deserves to take credit for everything, doe. That's a fact, brother.:hogan:
  9. I bet Hulk Hogan got on Prince Bálor's account and posted this.
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  10. Bringing Hart to WCW made sense. After Goldberg and Sting, WCW needed a fresh face to emasculate.
    Forget the fact that Hart was 40 years old and older than both Sting and Goldberg, he hadn't faced Hogan yet.
    WCW Hogan was awesome. My only regret from WCW was not seeing Hogan tasered only to Hulk up and win the match anyway.
    Of course, Hogan fingerpoked the same man who defeated Goldberg with a motherf*cking stun gun. Fingerpoking was enough. Hogan was a beast.

    Feuding with Hart would have been easy for Hogan. All he'd have to do was out wrestle Hart in a technical showcase of his superior skill.
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  11. True, but if I am not mistaken, not jobbing to either Hogan or Flair was part of Bret Hart's contract. I'll have to look through some old newletters, but when Hart signed his 1996 deal with WWF, he had mentioned that he didn't want to deal with either Flair or Hogan in WCW http://www.reddit.com/r/TheDirtsheets/comments/2nsdiu/bret_signs_huge_wwf_deal_10211996/ I sort of remember that being a big issue when Hart did finally sign with WCW.

    What would have happened, was that when Hogan lost he would have come at and claimed that he figured if he was going to lose, he might as well put on the best match anyone has ever seen... something in his books that he claims was his attitude after being told he'll lose to the Warrior and eventually the Rock.

    BUT, you know how WCW got all that publicity for signing Bret Hart to the biggest contract in wrestling but then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with him for three years... that could have been Hogan's loophole. Hart wouldn't job to him, but he wouldn't do much of anything else significant either.
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  12. I didn't know any of that happened but it sounds accurate given the track record of both men.
    For as much as Hogan believes his own hype, Hart is the same way.
    Apparently, Hart never injured anybody in the ring as if he's the only cat in history who can own that.
    As much as Hart dislikes Flair, Hogan and HBK all three gave more to the business when all was said and done. Hart loves Austin, probably because Austin jobbed his a** off to Hart.

    Wrestling is full of egomanics, but few as stubborn as Hart and none as delusional as Hogan. Their shoot interviews intrigue me for the sheer WTF-ness of it all.
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  13. There's nothing I can add to that. You're 100% correct in my view.
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  14. I am HH in disguise, Jack! But, shh...
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  15. [​IMG]

    I am a real KKK member, fight for the rights of the white man

    Fightin' for my life

    Taking away lives



    I gotta be the man,

    I can't let it slide
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