Kayfabe A Revival.

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    *The lights in the area dim as an old theme starts to plays*

    *Out walks Chris Young wearing a Shinedown shirt and jeans and boots.
    As he enters the ring with a smile on hs face, He stands on the top rope and takes in the reaction before standing in the center of the ring looking around the arena before he starts to speak.*

    Chris: I've done some real soul searching over the past month. I've looked inside myself, I've looked in the mirror and I've made a couple of decisions. First, I'm done relying on anyone but myself. I'm sick of it. It's only gotten me this far. It's gotten me to the hump, but hasn't pushed me over. It's like a glass ceiling that I just can't break. And second, I'm determined to work harder than I've ever worked before. In the last month, maybe two - or even, Hell, go back to when I had my surgery and release from that hellhole - since then I've been pushing and pushing and pushing myself. To be in the best physical and mental and soulful shape that I can be. So basically, I wanna be the ideal Chris Young. Now, that's kind of an interesting statement. The ideal Chris Young. Is that what the fans want? Or is that what I want? Or is that a melting of both? I don't know.

    *Chris Walks around the ring looking around smiling as he is unaffected by the reaction .*

    Chris: I came back to win and this week I show that nothing can hold me back, NO ONE can hold me down!
    I Am the prized future of wrestling, I'm why you watch every week hoping to see me wrestle and now the higher ups see that and I finally get a chance a the world championship and I will take this loser I'm facing and beat him down and break his neck!
    I'm the show and I will take what's mine!.
    It's Showtime!

    *Chris Leaves the ring*