Kayfabe A rude intrusion on a glorious title defence

Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Alex Jones, Jul 18, 2017.

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  1. “Junkyousha” starts up once more as Nick rolls out of the hold and stumbles to his feet, raising his hands in victory as Rupert Ross, once again, hands him his RWK Imperial Championship. The ringside doctor, the secondary official and Deacon MacFarlane, on the other hand, work to pull El Pecador underneath the bottom rope and down to the floor so that they can look at him better. But none of this matters to Nick, the champion retaining once again. Emphatically, and with his theme cheering him on, Nick exits the ring and heads up the ramp with his title on his shoulder, another win notched onto his streak as we fade to black.

    Suddenly the champions theme reaches a sudden halt. Smokes begins to spew out at the top of the stage as bright white lights flood the mist with an angelic glow. A new theme begins to play as a figure stands in the middle of the smoke.


    Spawn steps out from the curtain and stands just mere feet from Nick as the masked demon towers over the champion from atop the ramp. Spawn stares at Nick, before unclipping the IWT Heavyweight Championship from around his waist, before proceeding to hold it high in the air as he stares deep into the eyes of Nick.

    Spawn lowers the title as he rests it over his shoulder before he grabs a microphone to make his intentions very clear.

    You and me. We have unfinished business. You and I have known each other for a very long time. You know that me standing in front of you is the worst thing that could happen to you. So I hope you can understand why I am here.

    Let me make no mistake in reminding you what I think of this place. A place so much better than IWT that it will share the same fate. The only difference between RWK and IWT is one has already died and the other simply hangs on for dear life. So I am not shocked if you feel sick to your gut seeing me here right not Nick.

    I am the one who killed IWT. The place that made you what you are today. I ended the fantasy of greatness when I knocked down every pretender stood in my path. I fought long, hard and ruthlessly for months on end. And on IWT's final day, I took the World Heavyweight Championship and burnt IWT to the ground for good.

    So maybe all these people should be scared to see me. Maybe the office is on lockdown after Spawn walks straight into their arena and hijacks the show? Yeah that's right. I don't need a contract to do what I want. Because hell has no fury like Spawn. And Nick. You have pissed me off!

    But take relief in the fact that I am not here to end you or RWK. Yet. You still have your time as the Champion Nick. You are still not good enough yet. It would be unfair for me to rob you of a title you earned. Would it not?

    The demon now starts to pace as he begins to show more emotion.

    How god damn rude it would be of me to steal that title eh? See Nick I am not here to end you. I am not here to tear down another set of walls around you. You can be safe for now. You can remain happy and sit on top of your world. Because you should know more than anyone that you are sat there because of me. The Bullad Club had their time. So did Kid and even Michael. But when all was said and done I was the one laughing. I was the one drenched in their blood and the ashes of their legacies.

    You can keep your kingdom for the time being Nick. That is if you accept this one offer that is.

    The demon now slowly begins to pace towards Nick.

    See you robbed something incredibly valuable to me. I destroyed IWT. I robbed their titles. I killed it. And yet this shit hole runs some boyband tribute night and simply hand you out my title. Then give my IWT World Title and throw it between Aids and Kid? RWK you should be lucky that Nick is here right now.

    If it wasn't for him holding the ends of my loose ties, then you would all be melting in my fury for the direct injustice against everything I have done. RWK you will burn in Hell just like IWT. But not on this day. You gave Nick the rights to my championship. You handed him the title that I fought for. But I am back, and on my shoulder lays the real IWT Heavyweight championship. Stood here before you, is the real IWT Heavyweight champ.

    Now Nick. I told you I would give you one offer. You either face me in that ring for the rights to the IWT Heavyweight Champion, or I will do everything in my might to get my title back, to destroy the last fragment of IWT. You should know there is nothing that will stop me. You are just an interim champion who had to follow suite after the loss of a champion as good as me. You are trying to fill my shoes again Nick. Trying to be me. Trying to be the best.

    We will make this a one night deal. You turn up and bring your replica, Because I will be stood in the middle of this ring with the real god damn title. The one forged for greatness. I took this title with my bare hands and you were simply given yours and yet you still pretend as if you are the champion.

    I am back. I am better and I am ready. Its time you prove to the world what champion you really are. It's time IWT dies once and for all. And its time to kick your ass again.

    The demon stops as he just looks at Nick waiting for his next move.

    So what is it bitch? Are you going to man up and try to be better than me? Or am I just going to have to break every bone in your body and take it from your exhausted little hands?

    The demon continues to stare as the tension and heat begins to flare up between the two.


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  2. As Spawn wraps up his final words, Nick runs a hand through his hair. He can't help but have a laugh at everything he's just heard, despite the blood running down his face and the daunting circumstances he faces. He begrudgingly grabs a microphone and wastes no time, screaming at Spawn.

    "You... You! YOU! I put you in the ground long ago, yet you still stand in front of me as if you're better than me! One after another, inferior wrestlers come out and proclaim their greatness! How they'll beat me, take my pride, take my championship, and then leave me for dead. But you... you may be more deluded than ever."

    He backs towards the ring and leans on the apron, the RWK Imperial Championship resting upon his shoulder.

    "Do you not recall how before our 'unification match' I was still IWT Champion? And how I beat Dat Kid and Aids Johnson, something that you haven't accomplished, before you got your 'title'. And I used the word title loosely, because that is nothing more than one of Dat Kid's crazed ideas from his failed ambitions. You faced some nobody for that belt - that's what it is, not a title but a belt. And that's all there was to your belt. What I hold now has nothing do with IWT. I wasn't GIVEN this title. I earned it. I beat KJ Kidd. Then I beat him so badly he hasn't been seen again. And tonight I defeated El Pecador. I've BLED FOR THIS! I wasn't given anything, unlike you with that prop you still carry around. I hold something I EARNED!"

    He points to the Imperial Championship that lays on his shoulder.

    "I moved on from IWT and you're still stuck in the past. A past that you have mistaken. It wasn't you that destroyed IWT. It was the incompetence of the powers that were, and the massive egos of a bunch of hasbeens that ruined IWT. And that's what the one accomplishment you have to your name is the source of - incompetence and failure."

    "And if you truly are the REAL IWT Champ, you would've gave a shit months ago. You didn't care, and I made you pay. I already faced you for the rights of the final champion and I won. Whether or not that was the same you that stands before me today is of no concern to me, because I've got more important things to be focused on than a relic of the past. You didn't scare me when we first met years ago, and I proved that when I handed you your first loss. I still don't fear you now either. You're still the same lost soul who has never been able to find his way in the world. I'm now an emperor!"

    Nick raises the championship proudly and moves closer towards Spawn.

    "You don't deserve this championship. Hell, you don't even deserve a match against me! I'm untouchable, unstoppable, unbeatable - I'm the closest thing to a god you'll ever see! I'd send you back to hell again, but it's not worth the trouble. So go back to wherever the hell you've been the past 4 months, and don't come back. You aren't worth my time anymore."

    Exhausted from the grueling match he just finished, he limbers in front of Spawn and drops the microphone behind him. He begins speaking to him inaudibly as The Demon stands stoic in front of him, gazing at the champion. Nick points towards the backstage and screams, "GET OUT!" directly in front of Spawn.
  3. Spawn listens to his familiar foe. He patiently waits for the smug, cocky and tired champion to shut his stupid hillbilly mouth.

    Whoa! Look at this guy. God damn Nick, when did you grow a pair of balls? Was it after you ran off with my titles? Or was it after I destroyed every single wrestler with a inch of value to the sport? Because I remember a guy back in IWT. He looked a bit like you. Maybe a bit more lean. More healthy. More rested. More ready. But that guy had one real big problem...

    He sucked. And while a lot of people would cry for him after his every loss, everyone else would cry when he would win. Because this guy was boring. He was nothing more than a pity merchant. None of you may remember him, because he died a long time ago, to these very hands.

    The demon then begins to cackle as he looks at his large monstrous hands before turning his attention back to the RWK Champion.

    That guy was humble wasn't he Nick. He hated the position he was stuck in at the company but he knew that if he wasn't here he would be washing cars in the middle of the street just to afford a minimum wage. So instead he grit his teeth and he simply did his best. But unfortunate his best just wasn't good enough. There were people so much better than him that they would be revered as immortal. So do not act surprised to see me stood before you.

    You say I won my IWT Heavyweight championship from a nobody?

    Spawn marches over to the battered Pecador as the Demon squats next to the EMT's working on him still. He points and looks back to Nick.

    This is the guy you just beat?

    The demon laughs out loud before settling himself.

    I beat guys like this like no tomorrow. You think beating this guy means you are some sort of God? Boy you should know that no even Gods can stop me. Ask your pal Dat Kid. Lord knows I have. See Nick you are nothing to me. That title on your shoulder makes me more sick than the thought of you holding my Heavyweight championship. You are actually glad to represent a place that came second best to IWT and worst to none. You were a man of pride. A man of honor and respect.

    Is that little man still alive? Is he still deep under this shell of granite bullshit? Because if he is, I want to see him again. I want to see his lip quiver as he gets a reminder of just what I am. I have beaten you before. I can beat you again. I don't care if you are the RWK Imperial Champion. That means nothing to me. I seek glory and fame. I want to see it burn. So while you hold that title, this entire company reminds irrelevant to me.

    Spawn walks away from Pecador as he walks back to Nick before continuing his intense and deeply emotional speech.

    You said it yourself. You put me in the ground and I climbed back up laughing. Im not like Pecador. I'm not KJ Kidd. I'm not a Dick Fa**et. I am your Hell. I am an unstoppable beast of pure hatred Nick, you know this. You have felt the burns of my flame and if you want I will drag you down and take your souls to the same place I took the others. I don't care what happens to you. I said it already. I'm stepping into this secs pit to retrieve my title.

    You of all people here know me Nick. You know how far I can take things. I came on good terms out of respect and character for the man I thought stole my title, but that was irrelevant. Because when I leave this arena. It will be with my championship in hand. I don't care how many will fall for it Nick. I'm taking it with me and im putting that title in its rightful place.


    You assume you are a God because you are this undefeated champion. Well I have battled Gods and stepped out without a drip of sweat. I have beaten champions, legends hall of famers, stables, staff members and even women. You do not want this Nick...

    But I do!

    I am not the lost soul that you knew. Just like you Nick, Spawn has made some changes. If you thought I was unkillable before, then you are in for a fright. Because this is no fight Nick. Not if it doesn't need to be. This is my game. This is what I do best. Proving peoples thrones to sit on nothing but ash. I have done this time and time again and it will continue to happen. You have no chance in hell in stopping me now Nick, not if you could before, not ever. You may have moved on from IWT, but to me you were the stinking stench of that hell hole. Clearly I was wrong tho. Maybe you took a few too many bangs to the head out there, but I like to think you got better Nick. I'd like you to show me, but at this point, you will have no choice.

    Spawn is back, and his attention is on you now. You will have to fight, or you will fall. you will rest in shackles next to Michael and the rest of his empire. Since the dismantlement of IWT I have picked off and taken out every single roster member I could find. If you want, you can die with my title too? After all, it's not like it would take any effort.

  4. Breaking the tension is the music of the lovably goofy unlikely owner of Royal Wrestling Kingdom, Josh Reed. The fans and the two longtime rivals turn away to the Peace of Mind set as Josh makes his way out. Donning a sports jacket over a t-shirt bearing the new RWK Logo, with a pair of comfy jeans on along with some Jordan sneakers, he has a microphone in his hand and appears to bop his head to the music until...he sees the two men in the ring...a literal monster, and someone who nearly made him crap his pants before. He starts to shake as, following behind him, breaking some of the cheers he was receiving, creating a set of boos as she suspended one of RWK's most popular stars earlier in the night, is Kristina Oliver. She looks towards Josh and sighs, shaking her head and pointing towards him to head down to the ring. He walks down the rampway, nervously giving some fans high-fives and he goes up the steps and stands on the apron as "Yeah Yeah Yeah" by New Politics cut out and he literally gulped in nervousness. He stutters a bit as he talks.

    "Umm...hehe...Hey Nick, long time no see. Great couple of title defenses. You've really started quite the title reign. To beat the longest reigning European Champion was quite a feat...hehe…”

    He looks towards Spawn, the massive man decked in crimson. Spawn gives off a cold glare behind the mask that causes Reed to almost fall off the apron in shock and surprise, wanting to stay as far as away as he can from this man, who could easily crush him with a single blow. He decides to “win” the beast over...if he can.

    “And Spawn! Man, I loved seeing you in IWT. I loved your IWTMania IV match against Aids Johnson. I mean, it’s great to have such a big star in Royal Wrestling Kingdom and to have him standing in the ring with one of his biggest rivals is such an honour.”

    In his gratitude and pandering to the men in the ring, Reed does not spot Kristina Oliver as she walks down the ramp behind him. Shaking her head at Reed as she watches the debacle unfolding in front of her, she uses the steps to climb onto the apron and walks towards where Reed is standing. For a moment, the cameras spot Kristina as she leans in and whispers something into Josh’s ear before she enters the ring to stand in front of the two men.

    “Gentlemen. Good to finally meet you face-to-face. My name is Kristina Oliver and I’m the executive consultant to the management here in Royal Wrestling Kingdom. Now, as my colleague has so...tastefully put it for you, we know that you two are well-known for your time elsewhere and obviously have some bad blood between the two of you. It would be a shame if we refused to find a solution to all this, but I think you, Spawn, don’t understand how we do things here in Royal Wrestling Kingdom. Walking in on your first night and going face to face with our Imperial Champion is quite the bold-statement, a respectable one at that. But, this isn’t your old place. We don’t let wrestlers run the show. The people who run it are the RWK board of directors and myself, as their spokesperson.”

    Josh looks at her, baffled at her words, and takes the microphone from her hand. “Umm, hello? I’m the owner here...I’m your boss.”

    Ignoring Josh’s remarks, replying instead with a sharp glare that silences him, Kristina returns to the two men in the ring. “Because of this, gentlemen, we are willing to allow your match on the grounds that the RWK Imperial Championship is not contested.”

    A bit annoyed at Kristina giving him the cold shoulder, Josh walks off towards the ringside area and gets a microphone handed to him. Before Kristina, or the IWT alumni can say anything extra, Josh speaks into the microphone, speaking with a loud and booming voice.

    “AND…this match will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at RWK Democracy Rules! As well, along with the other matches on the show, you…” Josh points out to the crowd, actually feeling somewhat confident in himself. “The RWK fans here and watching around the globe will be able to vote on the match stipulation for their match, and other matches on the card. Spawn, Nick, you each pick a stipulation, we at the RWK Board of Directors will pick a stipulation to have, and the fans will pick. Good luck...and uhh…”

    Unsure of how he will finish. He looks around the crowd and scratches his head. But, a light bulb comes off and he shouts while raising his first in the air!

    “Power to the people!!!”

    In shock at this obvious distrust of her handling of the situation from Josh, Kristina shakes her head and leaves the ring without a second word, storming past Josh as she makes her way up the ramp and backstage as the fans, excited for the IWTMania rematch, and not the awkwardness from Josh Reed, the fans cheer as “Yeah Yeah Yeah” begins to rip through the speakers of the arena as the RWK owner makes his own way backstage after hyping up the crowd as the show comes to a close.

    There, we have a match! Credit to @Zap Kenobi for the lines of the evil lady that suspended me.
  5. Spawn simply turns and ignores both of them as he eyes up Nick like a piece of meat. Eager to rip his arms from his shoulders and wear his skin like a fine tailored suit. The demons blood boiled again. This is never a good thing. Spawn was here simply for his championship. Here to destroy the final piece of IWT that Nick resurrected after IWT's fateful death. The demon despises Nick for digging in the dirt to try and make himself look better than he is. Better than how Spawn knows he is.

    The demon simply stares at his nemesis. Until he hears the words of Kristina. He hears her whinning tone from behind his head. He turns his head and looks at her in a vile manner. He turns his head back and tries to laugh it off. Tries to ignore it. But by the time both staff members hit backstage, Spawn lost control.

    The demons roars out as he snatches a camera from the shoulder of a worker by ringside. Spawn looks deep into the lens as he growls like a raging bull. He sends a very deep and clear message to the people of RWK.

    I have a bad habit of hurting people! Stay safe, and stay out of my way! I'm here for my damn title, and I will take down anyone who wants to stop me. I don't care who you are, you are all nothing. The things I have done in my career could be considered impossible. I am better than each! and every single on of you! I will tear you down and leave you where you belong. If anyone in RWK has a problem with me being here, you can come say it to my face. You can come learn who the F*** I am! This is my business. You don't want to be involved!

    Spawn snarls as he then hurls the camera high into the air over his shoulder. Spawn then leans over to Nick and mocks the Imperial Champion. The demon taunts for his title, as he marches back out of the ring and tears out between the crowd as he forces his way through the mass of people, through the fire exit. Patiently waiting to destroy IWT all over again, for the last time.