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  1. Just a basic info thread. I'm sure everyone knows or remembers a/s/l.
    So whats everyone's a/s/l?

    Mine : 24/female/Cleveland,Ohio
  2. 17/Male/New Jersey
  3. 19/leo/Australia
  4. 21/male/CA

    wanna make out?
  5. ps he's rough
  6. :haha:

  7. Classified information. :jeritroll:
  8. 567347346356356346/Alien/Planet Namek

    Show Spoiler
    18/Male/San Diego, California
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  9. Old bastard :urm:
  10. You are not above the law!

    *cartman voice*
  11. Do Namekians even live that long though?
  12. Remember Lord Guru? I'll just look like I was a fat fuck who ate over 9000 sandwiches a day and was on my ass watching soap operas all day.
  13. You live in SD? NICE
    I stay in Oceanside. We'z neighbors :pity:

    Also, 'liking' for the DBZ reference. Piccolo ftw :yes:
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  14. He's that old? Well shit.

    I must say then, he looked fantastic for his age.
  15. I don't know, but he looked old as dirt. As least he wasn't a NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRDDDDDDD and Oceanside guy we need to have Brunch :boss1:
  16. 16/Female/Manila, Philippines In Duncan James' Bed
  17. 14/Male/Australia.

    That's right. FUCKING STRAYA ****!
  18. 19/M/United Kingdom
  19. Well shit, I was told by Crayo I was the only one. Damn him.

    Where abouts?
  20. 16 / Male / England.
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