Kayfabe A Second Chance

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    The feed starts off static for a few seconds, until the crackle of the white noise is replaced by the eerie and mysterious aura of darkness. Several noises can be heard such as; the sounds of leaves rustling, whether that be from the trees or leaves scattered across the ground; the distinctive call of Owls, as the nocturnal creatures watch from above; and slight breathing can be picked up by the camera, although it is not clear who or what it is coming from.

    "Nature. A thing that could be considered both peaceful and dangerous, many people feel relaxed by it and believe it is a great place to think. I mean why do you think Einstein was under the tree when the apple fell, which lead to the discovery of the gravity? It is also a very dangerous place, whether that be because of the animals that inhabit it or mother nature herself causing such powerful natural forces that can destroy anything in their path."

    The jet-black colour of the feed fades away, with the camera shot now finally forming. The camera is picked up with it now showing the face of TWF fan favourite, Tyson Blade. It's still pitch black out, so the night vision feature turns on. Tyson doesn't seem fazed by the darkness of the night. If anything he seems right at home with the setting.

    "I've only ever found peace in the dark, I don't know whether if that's because I was always a quiet, little boy who wanted to be away from the spotlight or because I always wanted be alone. Shunned by my parents and my relatives, I've always been alone and that's the way it's going to stay. I'm not looking for sympathy, though. I have my own reason for being here. I'm not here for the sympathy of the TWF fans or the roster. I am here because I need to think for the first time in my life."

    Tyson sighs as he continues his rant, while still maintaining eye contact with the camera.

    "Back when I was on top of the world, I never had to think. I was on this adrenaline rush, where my decisions were only influenced by the heart. Now my heart has gone cold. Made of stone and I cannot feel that old part of me again. Whether that's a sign of things to come, who knows? However, right now I cannot bring myself to make a decision like my old self until I make it back to the top, where I can finally feel like myself again."

    Tyson begins to show some aggression that we've never seen from him before. He stares blankly into the camera with a blank look on his face. Like a blank canvas, Blade has no emotion, unlike we've ever seen him.

    "This week I face the current World Heavyweight Champion, Buster Gates. One-third of the Monarchy, who I promised to bring to justice and take them out. This week is finally my chance to knock the World Heavyweight Champion off of this pedestal. Not created by man, but created by ego and self-righteousness. If I win this match, then my quest to take out the Monarchy and become World Heavyweight Champion is fuelled even further. And if I lose."

    "I don't know what I'll do..."

    Tyson throws the camera to the ground, as the view is now sideways. It shows Tyson walking off into the darkness, as the segment ends.
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