A segment I wasn't a fan of this week.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Was Taz's interruption of the AJ segment. The interview was going fine (even if it was Tenay), and his involvement almost ruined the aura around him. Here you have this badass AJ with his hood up and no care in the world for anyone, and everyone is wondering "What's AJ up to? What's up with AJ?", and then Taz comes in and was like "Well, we'd offer you a spot in A&8, but you'd be the guy who gets us beers".

    Was it needed? Honestly, it just seemed incredibly pointless and made AJ look a bit feeble.

    What do you think? Am I just looking into things too closely?
  2. It seemed to rush the obvious tension that they want to build.
  3. Youtube'd this bit by accident and it's fine, A&8s think they have AJ secured already as he hates the company. The disrespectful nature of their offer gives them a reason to say fuck you and Styles Clash Bully.
  4. That line pissed me off as well. It sort of gave AJ a reason not to join A+8s, whereas him just rejecting for no apparent reason leaves you wondering 'what the hell is it this guy wants?'.

    The entire promo was sort of pointless, didn't really understand why they had Storm's input either, trying to make him sound like a pussy. I would have had AJ attack Taz outside the ring, keeps him tweener, and makes him look like much less of a pussy. Having the balls to attack Taz despite the fact he is 'bulletproof' would really have made it look like he doesn't give a toss.
  5. Agreed.

    Though I'd rather AJ not attack a heel at the moment. He'll probably get really over and I want him as a tweener :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I understand your point seabs, but it's like number 40 on good ways for him to reject Aces and Eights imo. It just felt lame.
  6. True, he did kind of come off as a pussy. He was being punked around by both sides basically :dawg:
    "if you hit me again I'll knock your teeth out! -- pussy
    "you can join us but you'll start off by being our bitch!" -- pussy
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  7. I hate how TNA used AJ in last 3 years. Do they know that the time that pass won't come back? They need to get out AJ from this shitty storyline.
  8. Yeah, lets just scrap the storyline that's been in works for over a year now in order to make him even bigger star and make him even more over than ever, and get back Styles to his stale character that always does the right thing. Way to go dude.
  9. TNA treated AJ Styles really bad, but he's one of the best wrestlers there imo. The interruption wasn't needed
  10. First off, anything and everything Taz does ruins whatever that thing is. Get him off my TV.

    Second, I didn't mind this that much. Made the comparison in the thread that it made it look like there was an angel and a devil pulling at him in multiple ways, with his old pal Storm wanting to bring back the old AJ we used to know, while Taz is wanting him to join the Aces and Eights. The idea was fine, but Taz's performance sucked... shocking, I know. I assume Taz had some control over his promo and was just given notes (Make AJ want to join your group except as a little peon), and therefore Taz fucked it up... shocking, I know.
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  11. You are right actually. But I hope that TNA will get better things for AJ as soon as possible. People say that Cena had a bad year as the face of company, so what about AJ? He hasn't been World Champion for 3 years and he can't get a shot until BFG 2013. I'm not saying AJ should be old AJ but I am saying that he should have good matches and better storylines.
  12. It's not the angel/devil idea that angered me though, it's the way Taz especially was used. The offer was to put AJ at the bottom of Aces & Eights and it seemed unneeded, and then Storm is threatening to kick the crap out of him. It kind of made badass AJ look a bit weak. Deth got it right in his post imo.
  13. He isn't badass AJ, he's loner AJ.

    He wasn't imtimidated by Storm or Tazz, he simply ignored them as he wants to be on his own. It's not too disimilar to Sting handing his bat to someone and walking out after in it's meaning. He doesn't care whether you attack him or not, he's not on either side. He's in it for his self so the threats don't matter.

    They aren't going Austin style with him, they're going Sting remember.
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  14. I didn't mean he himself was a badass, I meant this role he is playing in is badass. I love loner AJ, I love the unpredictability, which is why I didn't really like the content in Taz's promo (or Taz speaking at all).
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  15. I rewatched the segment, and I just understood why Taz said AJ would begin on the bottom.

    Because AJ right now, IS on the bottom. And why did Taz mention beer and alcohol? Because AJ is rumored to be having the alcohol abuse.

    That makes sense IMO.

    But yeah, Taz delivered it bad - that's why I had to rewatch it.:neymar2:
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  16. Most likely he mentioned that because he offered him a "cut" (a biker vest) When you start off in a biker gang you start at the bottom, your cut has no patches and you basically are just somebody's bitch and you just get beer for others. I like your thoughts about why he mentioned all those things and that might be the underlying meaning but he basically gave AJ the welcome any biker gang prospect gets.
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  17. +1, now taztify to that.
  18. The idea for the segment was pretty good, but Taz's delivery was poor (shocker).
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