Kayfabe A Segment with The Blade

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  1. Prior to his Iron Man Title defense against Noah Styles, The Blade is seen walking backstage towards the entrance. However, he is stopped by lead announcer Alex Price before he gets too far away.

    "Blade, before you head out there for your match, I would like to know what thoughts are running through your head before you head out there?"

    Blade turns around and looks at the interviewer, who looks about the same height as him oddly enough.

    "Well citizen, The Blade is going in for battle tonight. He is well aware of what type of competitor Noah Styles is, and he is fully intending on bringing this title back home with him to the Blade Bunker. No matter what the risk is, he will continue to defend this title until his last breath."

    "Does your current situation involving you being able to essentially 'cash in' that title for a World Championship opportunity motivate you further in your quest to regain the power you once had back in TWF?"

    "Of course, it does. Once The Blade manages to vanquish Noah Styles, he will be fully focused on getting an opportunity to finally compete for the ultimate title in this company. However, The Blade's quest will not be fully finished until he reaches that place though. So until then... The Blade has his honor to defend."

    The Blade adjusts his title on his shoulder and turns to walk off as his theme begins to fill the sold-out arena to an explosive reaction.

    -End Segment-

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