A Sex Question (NOT 18+ stuff!)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. I have to ask...
    Since this forum is made up of mostly guys...

    Would you sleep with a very attractive woman if you know shes been with A LOT of men and done A LOT of nasty things with them?

    I ask because most guys would say hell no, she's a slut... But, those same guys would say they would bang a porn star... Its like... Kind of contradicting the subject.

    I can say the same thing for women... How can a woman find a man sexually desirable knowing he's been with a lot of other women?
  2. Hahaha ...
    Well this is a weird question but not .
    1) I'm kinda straight edge (I agree with them but don't consider myself one) So I wouldn't like a girl who has promiscuous sex
    2)I'm really traditional with girls . Would consider her a bitch :bury:
  3. IMO women are worse than men in this category. I don't know how many friends(girls) I've had over the years who have caught their friends (other girls) sleeping with their boyfriends. Also, there seems to not be a woman alive who wouldn't bang George Clooney or Brad Pitt and those guys have been around.
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  4. Sex is sex like Dolph'sZiggler said however I personally wouldn't have sex with someone that's been infested with dozen's of penises. I like my woman nice, clean and beautiful. It's not hard having sex with a slut that's been destroyed by various different men nor is it some sort of achievement. I wouldn't personally, no.

    However, I wouldn't care if Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Rihanna or anyone of these attractive ladies have had sex with dozens of men as they would still get destroyed by me. Christy Hemme, Mickie James, Lacey Von Erich, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, etc, they'd all get destroyed, regardless. It all depends on the woman.
  5. What about Megan Fox or a Victoria Secret model? :haha:
  6. Also it's subjective, what one person thinks is a lot might not be a lot to others. What is a lot? 5, 10, 15, more? It really depends on the person and situation. Also are you getting involved in a relationship or just getting your rocks off? So many variables that can change what you decide.
  7. Furthermore, you can't round all woman. For example, a local slut wouldn't get it however someone like Kelly Kelly would get sexual intercourse from me. It all depends particularly on that woman that you wish to have sex with.
  8. I actually wouldn't touch either of them with a 12 foot pole. And I am being 110% honest. :pity:
  9. That was simple for me. I wouldn't have sex with a woman, so I voted no. :otunga:
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  10. :LOL1: Oh well.
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  11. :haha: I felt kinda' bad the poll itself had no responses, so I thought I'd go ahead and answer it myself since it was a simple choice for me.
  12. No, I wouldn't, I'd think she's a bitch and also that if she had sex with so many men she really doesn't believe in love
  13. Lets say, Kelly Kelly, what it she, 23-25sih?... Lets say she has been with more then 100 men since she turned 20 years old... This wouldn't matter to you because she is famous?

    Pretty much what you stated above is that a woman who is not famous for sex, but probably had a lot of sex with a lot of men is still cool in your book because she is famous?

    So because she is famous, but not for having sex, even though she could very well have been with a few dozen men, she is doable?

    That's like saying I find Randy Orton sexually describable because I see him on TV! lmao

    Which by the way, I don't. I am not attracted to him in the least bit. :nogusta:
  14. I should have made it for both sexes. :pity:

    But yeah... I wouldn't sleep with a woman, slut or virgin. :haha:
  15. Let's take a look at Selena Gomez. She's incredibly hot and beautiful. Although, she's been ragged out by many different men, who still wouldn't want to have sexual intercourse with her? The names I've listed are incredibly hot, who wouldn't? If there's someone like them in the local area. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be sluts and if they where then again I wouldn't mind.
  16. If you're asking that then you don't know males. When it comes to women, 75% of the time they think with their dicks, not their heads. She could have been with every man in the world, all a man needs to know is that he's getting pussy.
  17. For someone who is married to a man... I sure know nothing about penises. :haha:
  18. ''I ask because most guys would say hell no, she's a slut...''

    Lol no. :pity1:
  19. The blood rushes from one head to the other so we can't make logical decisions while aroused. Think of this the next time you want your husband to do something he usually wouldn't :happy:
  20. I wouldn't mind if the chick is hot . Also why is this only directed at guys? I'm sure a lot of chicks don't care if dudes are man whores either.
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