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  1. Was an okay watch imo.
  2. Not going to watch, but I did have a badass female wrestler in a EWR scenario and she put on good matches, but she was never allowed to win because males wouldn't put her over lol
  3. Someone who actually plays/ed EWR? Finally. On topic, I don't see what's the big deal with intergender wrestling, some are very skeptical of it, yet they say wrestling is fake. It's just cool to see a women beat the shit out of a guy 3 times her size, every now and then. Wouldn't mind watching, sometime.
  4. It's more about ...a woman dressed as a man, and a man to be dressed a woman. It has never worked for intergender "industry" splits, like this, and probably will never. I'm not a fan of intergender "anything" but there's a market for it, otherwise there wouldn't be this (thread). Let me put it in a another way so you understand: A trensgender/intergender relationship was put onto Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency (a show), and everyone was nervous in some way, tense... in fact. Anyway, Janice without hestitation went to this "woman," and talked about the atmosphere and basically said this and that, "leave." That means she has no way of going to the other side of the contest.

    I know it's not the same thing, but you get the idea.
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