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Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. So I have had it. We all know the Browns suck... The Cavs suck... And the Indians still suck! But this one is for the Browns.
    I am sick and tired of them switching the staff every other damn year. I am over the Quarterback jokes and the lack of someone giving a damn how well or not, the team does. I don't even care if they win or lose, the fact that this team has been screwed up since 1999 says volumes. No team has been this consistently bad for this long! I refused to even watch today's game because I am just that sick of how things are ran. I was a Panthers fan first and I am thankful I have another team to look to... At least their owner, staff and players give half a damn what happens. So this rant is for all the losing teams out there. Yeah, this year may suck for you, but at least your team isn't the Browns.

  2. We were just talking about them in the live discussion thread.
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  3. Good luck Browns! There should be hope up there!
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  4. Realistically... No, not really. :pity: :lol1: :downer:
  5. at least they got a first round pick for that shithead Richardson
  6. Seriously. From a pure roster standpoint: You have 2 first round picks and a whole draft to make the Browns roster a AFC North contender. Can you do it?

    (Ignoring the possibility of a really talented roster looking at the brown jerseys and saying "Fuck, we're screwed")
  7. Sports in Ohio don't seem to go well in general :dawg:
  8. browns are so bad at drafting though
  9. Just be happy they aren't the Bills. I'm a fan of em, being from Buffalo and all, but c'mon Bills, broooo...
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  10. *does quick google*

    Their personnel guy now is Michael Lombardi... quoting Wikipedia:

    Good luck Britanica. :pity:
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  11. fuck you all I'm a raiders fan
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  12. :george:
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  13. This wasn't a short rant, this was tldr
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  14. Cept the buckeyes are 2 in the world :obama:
    Bengals aren't bad
    Indians and Reds both made the playoffs this year
  15. Being shit since 99 is bad and causes you to stop watching ? My football team last won a trophy in 91 have been relegated from the second to 3rd tier multiple times since 00 and currently sit second bottom in the 2nd after winning once all seaaon. We've sacked multiple managers through that time and don't have a pot to piss in for transfers.

    Love the bad times the good are so much sweeter.
  16. Let me grab my cup...

    Oh wait I can't find it :aries:


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