A sit in protest to get this smiley added...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. As all my fellow brothers and sisters know Crayo is a despicable dictator who enjoys crushing the hopes of fellow forum members. His reign of terror has stricken me a damning blow, yes this evil tyrant is currently refusing to add this smiley of Sheldon "Sheldor" Cooper ( [​IMG] )

    I know you wish to heckle and throw rotten fruit at him but wait, we can solve this in a way which is not stooping to his Cornish Pasty way. Sit behind your computers and refuse to post until he adds it in. Brothers we can do this for the good of human kind as a whole.
  2. I'd like the smilie to be in, joining the protest
  3. Tempted to add it but put a really horrible code. Like :lolimsodissapointedbutihavetotypesomuchtoproveit:.

    You for it?
  4. I don't negotiate with terrorists.

    :disappointed: or no deal.
  5. I want something in return. A picture of you with "Crayo is a stud" written on paper?
  6. I don't negotiate with terrorists.

    You see that there? That's me not negotiating with this leader of terror.
  7. Yeah and um, send me a picture of ah you with your... Shirt off? :urm:
  8. According to your sig you too are part of the dictator breed. Come to the darker side.
  9. I'm holding this site hostage :pity:
  10. Already removed even though you used the wrong code. Even when Xanth tries to one up me he fails.
  11. :sheldor: who is he?
  12. Loling so hard :lol1:
  13. Sheldon is the boss LET THE SMILIE IN
  14. Loling even harder :lol1::lol1:
  15. I hate you hahahhaa
  16. War is close, only when wweforums is in ashes do you have my permission to end this protest. Members take control, take your control of your site. This is the instrument of your liberation. Crayo, add the smiley for the world.
  17. Are you sure you want it as disappointed? It seems a bother to type.
  19. Saves the site so much bandwidth. I'm all for it!
  20. Don't make me try and doubt myself, I know what I want.
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