A slight piece of optimism regarding Ziggler.

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  1. So Dolph opened RAW with the spotlight on him, on top of a ladder, and cut a promo. That's a U-Turn from the usual middle-of-the-show promo after Vickie takes charge first, so we can see WWE finally have some faith in someone we knew was great on the mic the whole time. This is one of the reasons I'm sure Dolph is going over on Sunday against Cena, just not cleanly.

    Even WWE logic wouldn't finally trust and (sort of) push a future star in Dolph Ziggler just to have him job to Cena and lose his most prized asset (MITB), would they? If you want more optimism you can read into what happens if Cena does win the MITB, he would be feuding for the WHC which is a SmackDown title, which is ridiculous as we all know he's going to be involved with Rocky.

    Does anyone remember Cena vs Kane last year? That was a complete filler-feud just so they can give Cena something to do until his match against The Rock, and this will be the exact same. I don't think we should expect Dolph to get some monster push because of Cena, I just don't think we will have Cena randomly squash Dolph in a feud that seriously means nothing, it's pure filler. Why would you remove the MITB from your future star in a random filler feud? You can easily counter that with "But Crayo, he went over a revamped masked-Kane last year for no reason." and you would be right, but masked Kane is a veteran who has become a master jobber, Dolph is the future and is holding the MITB case with it on the line.

    There, hopefully you are increasingly optimistic about Dolph's chances against Cena. This begs the question though, how does Dolph win dirty against superman?
  2. Shield interference due to the injustice of him being forced to defend his case.
  3. I forgot they beat down Cena this week, you're probably right then. Oh well, more Ambrose :yay:.
  4. Yeah, but even if Shield does interfere, Cena can just put on a cape and fly up to the briefcase. :pity:

    Seriously, though, I agree there's no logical purpose in Cena winning. It'll either be Shield interferance or AJ interferance. Anything else would be wtf.
  5. I'd mark if AJ came down, betrayed Cena, snogged Ziggler and then he wins.
  6. Re: RE: A slight piece of optimism regarding Ziggler.

    Snogging? Very BLFFLish I must say.
  7. Crayo has been reading his Harry Potter books again
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  8. 50 shades of Cray.
  9. Re: RE: A slight piece of optimism regarding Ziggler.

    He's Cornish reading anything but the back of a pasty wrapper is unlikely. I'm guessing Xanth read it to him.
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  10. I hate you all, I knew as soon as I typed it I would get bagged on, was just lazy and didn't edit it.

    Fuck you, soap opera's ftw. GO SNOG HIM AJ. #YouGoGirl
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  11. So hows Emmerdale right now?
  12. Surprised you have heard about Emmerdale :O.

    Anyway, Ziggler/Cena talk :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:.
  13. Emmerdale airs around noon here on one of our biggest TV stations. Swede's have some affinity for British soaps.
  14. Really? Lmao.

    I am honestly shocked that Emmerdale airs in Sweden.
  15. If Dolph vs Cena is the main event I'm definitely putting my money down for Sheild interference. If not, then I'm putting my money down for Mark Henry who has been seen around WWE lately. He'll do this under the pretenses that he doesn't want Super Cena to get access to "his" WHC. This will also set up something for Cena to do during the rumble.
  16. Didn't think people are actually afraid of Cena winning here. I'm quite sure they're going to leave the SD MITB in Ziggler's hands, the perfect spot for it. It's going to be dirty with either AJ/Shield interference, and that's it. I also think the match itself will be for the WHC as Ziggler will have cashed in earlier in the night.
  17. I am not worried about it. He is going to beat Cena. Cena don't need a belt right now. :pity:
  18. the shield better not interfere. Between the lame ass shield and fuck face aces and eights we get about 5 ruined match finishes per PPV
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