A stat that may make you less confident in a Punk victory at SS

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Cena is 7-0 at Survivor Series. Now it can't just be me that is thinking WWE will be tempted by an Undertaker esque streak at SS?

  2. Let's hope for the best (Punk retaining). Not really sure if they're going with a streak or not.
  3. I wouldn't worry. To my knowledge, they've never acknowledged it yet and haven't acknowledged it during the recent build to SS just one week away. So, no worries. Besides, Survivor Series just seems like another PPV these days, it doesn't even feel like one of the "Big Four" (which is why WWE has almost gotten rid of it twice) so a winning streak there wouldn't mean much.
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  4. Seems kind of pointless to me to give him a streak recognition in survivor series, if there's any reason why cena doesn't lose, i'd hate for a streak idea to play a role.
  5. I hope Punk wins.Cena doesn't need a streak. I don't think a Cena Streak needs to developed into a storyline
  6. Fuck sake R'Albin.
  7. Punk will retain.
  8. Doubt it, if it was something for Cena it would be at Wrestlemania not something like Survivor Series where they probally don't care much about it.
  9. Survivor Series is a throw away ppv. I doubt they'd make a big deal about a silly streak like this.. then again it is the WWE... :booker:
  10. Cena is probably undefeated at most PPVs lol
  11. In a company that main-events Muppets, none of amount of garbage they shovel out surprises me
  12. The fact they have not mentioned it has made me rather optimistic, I have (atm) picked Cena as the guy who will eat the pin.
  13. I'm also pretty sure Cena will eat the pin. A friend of mine suggested Cena winning at SS and dropping the belt back to Punk at TLC. Actually possible, although unlikely.
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