A strange dream I had

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SSheetsJr, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. I had this strange dream last night I was watching Wrestlemania 31 on TV, It was about to be the main event between Lesnar and Bryan for the title, Bryan then enters the ring to a massive pop and annouces that Lesnar refused to show up for WrestleMania 31 and was sitting on his couch at home, so Bryan won by forfeit and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the Authority comes out and announces there must be a main event for WrestleMania so Rollins enters the Ring and it is Bryan vs Rollins for the Title, Rollins won but I forget the rest of it. Not really relevent but I thought it would be interesting to share
  2. It would definitely be interesting. Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins is actually a match I would like to see at Wrestlemania. The only WWE related dream that I had was that in my dream I was dressed up as Bray Wyatt. I did dress up as Bray for Halloween, but why would I be dressing up like him if it's not Halloween? No one else in my dream was dressed up.
  3. Sounds terrible. A Wrestlemania main event involving only Bryan and Rollins?
  4. I had a weird dream where I was watching Cena vs Lesnar vs Rollins but for some reason everyone was calling it Wrestle Kingdom 9. Then Lesnar showed up and roughed me up because for some reason, he wanted me to bring him Rollins.
  5. I wouldn't bury the biggest show of the year and refuse to give people the match they paid for, but it's an interesting dream.
  6. I had a dream I pissed in a pint glass then went for a fag.
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  7. It's an interesting dream. But the only way this could happen would be at a shitty PPV like Payback or Battleground, not at Mania, though.
  8. Would rather see Bryan best lesner, but interesting dream.
  9. I had a dream that cena cut a good promo
  10. Very funny. Lol.

    But cenas promos against the rock were pretty good. And some against punk.
  11. I had so many different dreams of Sandow winning the goddamn WHC when he had the briefcase in his possession, now I've been having dreams about him ruining Miz's WWE career temporarily.
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  12. all smoke and mirrors lad

    cena relies on vacous humour, and friverlous threats.
  13. True. But regardless he's done some okay work.
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