Kayfabe A Super Contract Signing

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The Artiste
*A table and two chairs are set out in the middle of the ring. A contract is placed on the table, The Heavyweight Champion, Lukey comes down to the ring*
*The crowd cheer for the champ*
Lukey: Its been nearly a month now. A month since I won this big, gold and beautiful piece of art.
*He raises the World Heavyweight Title*
Lukey: And honestly, I don't feel like a champion at the moment, I really don't. The first match I had after Night of Champions, I lost. The second match I just survived. The week after that I wasn't in the best shape to compete. I hope that's just bad luck cause I have no plans on losing this treasure at Feast or Fired. I'm human like everyone else. I can be stopped....... But I can't be destroyed......My will, my heart, my soul is always gonna remain intact and there's nothing anyone backstage can do about it Jack and if they try that attempt will be wack.
*The crowd cheer for Lukey*
Lukey: No fad but all lad! That's right I can rhyme all the time but speaking of lad, I'm supposed to get one in here right now. Ladies and Gentlemen you may or may not know him, He's name is Robert Blake.
*The crowd boo*
Lukey: Yeah..... that boy.....waddup? Yeah him, wears mascara, nothing but black. I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna call him Bob. Bob is such a bland and dull name so I think its a perfect fit. You know why I'm giving him the name Bob? Like I said it's a perfect fit and we see thousands of them come and go. I hope he proves me wrong when we stand in here eye to eye covered in mascara. As of now I'm standing with what I say, even if my opinion doesn't matter to him. However I'm pretty sure no one wants to see me ramble on. Besides its all about this piece of paper lying on the this table right here. You know you're typical contract. The one that can confirm the be all end all to a lot of things. Like a title reign or worse, the end of a career. This could very be the end of the Super-Lads adventures here Ladies and Gentlemen............. Nah I'm just playing around that won't happen at all hahaha not one bit.
*Lukey picks up a pen and signs the contract*
Lukey: It takes two to tango mate, I need you as my salsa partner right now. I need you to come out here and sign this. Wherever you are, Stop wasting time and come o......
*Lukey is interrupted by Robert Blakes theme*

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The Game
*Robert Blake appears from behind the curtain laughing as he makes his way down to the ring. He enters the ring as Lukey stares him down. He grabs a mic and begins to speak*

Robert Blake: Funny little jokes....How terrible can you be? You're the only joke around here. You're a champion that can't beat a fucking jobber like Ben Song. Last week I beat Ben Song and I made him cry like a little bitch he is.....I will do the same with you. I have worked my life off for that title and you won't stop me. I'm going to be a World champion these people deserve.....They need a God as their champion. I will walk into Feast Or Fired and I will feast on your soul and that title. Calling me dull? Look around you! I'm the most interesting person in this damn place. I have a gimmick and I fucking deliver every time I talk so how am I dull? You're dull. You think you're fucking Superman when you're really just Luke......Luke is that guy from Ireland and that's about it....Who cares about anything else? What have you done in your time as champion? I don't remember a fucking thing! You won the title and then you kind of died. Who the fuck remembers anything Lukey did all month? You're a terrible champion and I will make you my bitch. I'm going to make you cry in that ring....I will hold that title above your pathetic head and laugh. I think I made my point here.

*Robert Blake signs the contract. He gives Lukey one last smile as he leaves the ring. Robert Blake makes his way up the ramp laughing as Lukey stands in the ring. He leaves to the backstage as the crowd boo*
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