Kayfabe A Super fad

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  1. *Camera pans to Ben Song, The Webmaster and Reaper all staring at something off camera while the Disciples cheer uproariously*
    Ben Song: Disciples, you all know that our match at the last PPV did not in fact take place but this is not your leaders becoming soft! This is just your leaders trying to get a good look at the surroundings here at Exodus and misplacing the time of our match.
    *The camera begins to follow Ben Song and turn to get a good look at the object behind him*
    Ben Song: Now that I have so generously explained ourselves cases I can move on to a matter that will have to take up all of our attention. Lukey the small child-like champion here in Exodus newly crowned at Night of Champions will be taking on your fearless leader in singles competition this weekend, and Lukey it's sad to say but after this weekend you wont be a 'Super-lad' no. You are going to be a bit more of a Super-fad
    *The Camera finally focuses on the object behind Ben Song revealing it to be a flaming scarecrow-esque Lukey cape-and-all hanging from a stick. The camera then fades to black as we see Ben Song standing triumphantly in front of the burning Lukey scarecrow*
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