Kayfabe A Super Lad With A Super Song!

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  1. *Lukey comes out with The World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He smiles as he looks at the crowd on the stage. He says "We did it people!" He heads into the ring and gets a mic. The crowd chant Lukey for 10 seconds*
    Lukey: Yo Adrian............... You know where this ones goin lads!
    *The crowd cheer as usual*
    Lukey: It was a long long month and a long long tournament but we did it. We lasted through the whole thing and won. But there is more than one winner who competed in that match for the world title. You can call him Amazing cause he put up an amazing performance that night.
    *The crowd chant for H*
    Lukey: H if your watching, I wanna thank you for bringing the fight to me. I can tell you this. You will make a great champion when the time comes. However now the time is mine and we ain't stoppin any time soon!
    *The crowd cheer for Lukey*
    Lukey: Now it's time we start looking at the future. Starting this week the champ is in action. The Lukey Lad is facing the one......the only.......Ben........Song? He said some mean things about me. Man it broke my heart. It really broke my heart. My heart literally broke into two when I found out he didn't break into song.
    *The crowd laugh and boo Ben*
    Lukey: A Super Fad? Really? A fad? He could've said something like Super Dad cause I think I'd be a Super Dad. Thinking about what he said, is making me Super Mad! What makes it even worse is the thing that keeps slipping down on my arm, you know my elbow pad!?
    *The crowd continue to laugh*
    Lukey: The fact that he thought I wore a cape and he didn't sing annoyed the hell out of me. So ya know what? Since I'm starting to get really mad, I'm gonna sing a lil song to calm me down.
    *Lukey coughs and clears his throat*
    Lukey: Me me me me meeeeeeee. La la la la la la laaaaaaa. OK here we go! I call this one, the song I found on Youtube!

    I'mmmmmmm about to whip somebodies asssssss!
    Ohhhhhhhh I'm about to whip somebodies ass!
    Ohhhhh If you don't leave me alooooooneee,
    Your're gonna have to send me hoooooomee,
    Cause I'mmmmmmm about to whip somebodies aaaaassssssssss!

    *The crowd laugh and applaud Lukey*

    Lukey: The champ is here and sir he is no fad. No matter how Super Sad or Super Mad I am, at the end of the day I'm always gonna be Super Rad and cause I'm just a Super-Lad.
    *Lukey drops the mic and raises the Heavyweight title above him. He high fives fans and proceeds to head backstage as his theme plays*

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