Spoiler A surprise appearance is set for tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Not sure if this needs to be spoilered and I have no idea what the title should be

  2. When I read the title, I thought it was gonna be this guy: :joe: appearing tonight. I hope he does.

    I actually posted that tweet here.
  3. It's fine, was already posted in the LD though.

    And I'll say what I said there, Samoa Joe or bust.
  4. Don't get how it'd affect the ratings all too much? Last week was basically the same as a Vince Raw...
  5. Speaking of surprise appearances, Doc and Karl are booked for every upcoming WWE TV taping(guessing the Europe ones). No Balor though, guessing them with AJ is more likely.

    If not tonight it'll be soon, hopefully as heels.
  6. I'd wait till Payback, as Roman is about to win Doc and Karl come out and distract Reigns, Aj hits the Styles Clash and wins.
  7. So what was the point of the Mania match???
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  8. I'd wait for Payback as well, think the European tapings start next week though.

    Maybe Roman and Ambrose gang up on Styles near the end of one of the RAWs, and they make the save. That'd make both Ambrose and Roman heel though, so I dunno.
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  9. By letting Shane-O Mac control RAW for a second week in a row, it pretty much confirms the Mania match was meaningless. lol
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  10. Definitely. That match was a total fucking waste. Vince treated it like it was nothing, and I would have agreed, too.
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  11. Well... At least it had one cool (and insane) moment where Shane-O Mac jumped off the top of the cell. :bodallas:
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  12. :henry2:
    "I'm just sayin'. I ain't gonna disagree with that."

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