Spoiler A Total Diva Catfight?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Butters!, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. I think It's Fake.

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  2. I think It's Real.

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  1. Hey Everyone! :emoji_slight_smile:

    So I was watching one of the promo's for total diva's season two. And we all know Summer Rae is in it. Now watching it all, All i could see was how Natayla made quite the comment to Summer.

    Yikes! I watched this back at least five or more times. but it also kind of struck me, do you think this is fake? do you think it's real?

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Total Divas is WWE going further in trying to blur the line between reality and the product. It's interesting that they use the performers' real names and they bring in some real-life scenarios to the show (TJ and Nattie getting married, DBD and Brie getting engaged), but there are some parts (usually the most dramatic) that are quite obviously scripted and I'm fairly sure the drama for season 2 will be the same way.

    But, my wife enjoys watching it and it's gotten her marginally more interested in what goes on with Raw and Smackdown, so there's that.

    By the way, how about the episode where Natalya peed herself during a match and it was made a big deal of? Considering that's the type of thing that happens to just about every pro wrestler at one point or another (along with Punk and Cena having both pooed their pants fairly recently and the fact that several male wrestlers can become visibly aroused during matches....again, looking at Johnny-boy), this is not something I would think would be worth more than the casual rib and definitely not something that would be made a big deal of, particularly in front of outsiders from the E! Network.

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  3. It does make the Diva's Division a whole lot more interesting. What I'd like to see in this show is more backstage WWE stuff, Like what i wanted when it first started. We all know there's drama when traveling, booking flights, hotel rooms, etc. I wanted to see something that didn't look like a generic reality TV show. Sadly that's not what i got. But seeing little cat fight's between the ladies does make me look at the diva's matches to see if there is still some beef from the episodes in the ring, How professional are these ladies?
  4. Honestly i sat down watched i think it was the last episode of the 1st seaon, it was the one where TJ takes Nattie to get married in court house, and whoa, it was more entertaining than WWE it's self
  5. Total Divas is half staged half real, ya know? I'm pretty sure that knee that Aksana did on Raw tonight will be featured on Total Divas. That was my thought the instant it happened.
  6. Fake... faker than Nikki's Knockers... its WWE so its fake... its faker because there were no bumps, just gay dramas
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