A video explaining why people dl and share movies/tv

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. Saw this on TPB when I logged in, and decided this was worth sharing.

    I am a firm believer in the idea of copying and sharing movies, tv, wwe/tna, as well as my favorite (brewers baseball) because I pay for the internet and cable tv. If I am paying to have TV, i see no reason I have not already added enough to download when I want something. Say, for example, I missed Game of Thrones this week. I don't have dvr (and think it is a crock of shit) but have paid my hard earned money to watch my favorite shows. More than likely, here in the US you have contributed to the building of towers and satellites for your local provider. So to have TV you have built the company essentially from the ground up, but are still under their rules because they say so. It's propaganda and shady as hell.

    Basically, if I pay for something, i should be able to watch it whenever I want. DVR is a horrible system setup to leech money off of people for something they have already spent thousdands of dollars each paying for in the first place. That is why I pirate.
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  2. *slow clap*
  3. Governments and general law enforcements continue to go about copyright law the complete wrong way. The music industry is learning if you think about iTunes and Spotify, and now the movie industry has to do the same. We have Netflix but it has to make more effort. I don't have Sky where I am and I'm for damn sure not going to miss my current favourite TV show (Game of Thrones) or wait until the DVD's are out to buy it. I'm going to wake up and immediately torrent it so I can watch it. If you're not going to make the show easily available for people like me, then I will watch it illegally. Governments need to realise that regardless of how much they threaten you or attempt to censor/control the internet, you'll never rid of methods where ordinary citizens can watch/listen/whatever something for free. They need to offer better solutions and monetise them in a way that doesn't push people away (advertisements for example).
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  4. I couldn't agree more. I would be gladly willing to drop 5-10$ a month to have a service for my tv shows. If companies worked together instead of against one another, the could eliminate this issue entirely. Let's face it, NBC with hannibal is nearly as violent as Boardwalk empire on HBO, which you have to pay for the extra content. Having packages for cable tv now days is a fucking joke.

    The main problem is the companies are unwilling to adapt to the new climate. Take TPB for example. They came out with a great doc and offered it for free, making a ton of money on advertising hits alone. That is the issue. Why am I spending $50 a month for internet when I paid for the towers? Why is cable tv nearly 80 when I can stream it? This is where the competition issue is the most prevalent.
  5. I just find it funny that they haven't learnt yet. Game of Thrones is the most pirated TV show on the internet, yet it's still not available on Netflix. HBO can complain all they want, but when Breaking Bad was running, I for sure watched it on Netflix for quality purposes.
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  6. And also why am i paying $50 a month when advertising is shoved in my face nearly every 10 minutes or less? Cable isn't a trillion dollar industry like they say, it's literally paid for well before any of it gets to us, the consumer. It's why I have and will continue to pirate. Places like netflix and (even better) amazon prime have the right idea.

    Places like xbox are the worst of all. I'm not giving you $5 off my check card to rent a movie for two days, that is fucking outrageous these days. If your film cost 80 million dollars it better be damn great, no some piece of shit like battleship was. Failures need to be left to their own devices, because people will gladly pay tosee a great movie regardless of where and when. I would give Lego movie $5 to have it kept on my pc for 30 days, as i would only watch it twice and IF/WHEN i show friends, it will convince them to do the same. The community for this is living in the late 80's still, and that is all there is to it.
  7. Exactly. I would give 8$ a month to netflix AND watch commercials if they doubled their amount of shows. I loved netflix before and it's great now but the cost with xbl isnt worth it. Too many hands reaching into my wallet to care tbh, when I could just pirate it and enjoy the show I have already paid for.
  8. Same goes for me, I dont get netflix or amazon where I work (UAE) and that means I gotta turn to either streaming sites or torrents. I understand there are licensing issues but what the hell am i supposed to do?
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  9. I dl RAW as Sky in my area is dog turd and always on the blip. So its better quality to just dl the next day.
  10. Lol HBO has a 10 year exclusive deal with Universal just signed last year, you'll be waiting a LONGGG TIME for GoT and other HBO shit on Netflix lol; those two companies hate eachother.
  11. Just wondering why you dont like DVR? You say it's dog shit but essentially it's a way to record your favourite shows. You don't pay to record them, so which bit is BS?
  12. You do pay, it's a service charge plus a monthly fee for the box. If you pay to watch Elementary but miss it, do you really need to lose out this dayinage? No. You pay for it and your PC will easily pick it up, You own the content because you paid for it, and the only value the company brings to the table is the minuscule bologna people are force fed. The way i see it streaming raw isnt wrong, because I have to watch commercials like everyone else. THe issue is simple, wwe isnt ready for it. It's why the WWE network is an amazing idea. 10$ a month = 2 ppv's yearly, who wouldnt gladly pay for it? I am getting it next month, it's a great idea.
  13. Ah doesn't work like that here. You get the box free with Sky, Virgin (TiVo) and that's it. There's no charges per month and it's yours forever. Obviously if you ditch your tv provider you can no longer watch them unless the channel was part of the basic package.

    A lot of people just buy a separate DVR(get 2TB for like £100) then you can record any show and watch it even if you cancel your tv + transfer it to PC.
  14. Yah as soon as it comes over here i'm getting it, I like the fact that no matter what the time is I can watch WWE, now if they get some sort of deal with ROH as well, then i'd be a happy puppy.
  15. I pirate because I don't give a fuck :boss: :badass:
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