A View From Ringside – Amarillo and Oklahoma City

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    I love my time on the road with Ring of Honor, as it is an extension of my family. But I was honored to join King Corino & Caprice Coleman out at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, dedicated to the victims of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. On April 19, 1995, 186 men, women and children were murdered and this beautiful memorial provides education, lasting memories and dignity to the site of so much pain.

    I dedicate this column to the families of those who suffered and died on that fateful spring day twenty years ago.

    It was a huge week for Ring of Honor Wrestling. With the debut of ROH on Destination America this Wednesday at 8/7c front and center, I could tell there was extra motivation in the boots of the boys this weekend. The spirit of competition was forefront as well as Ring of Honor dominated the scene in Amarillo and Oklahoma City. From the best seat in the house, here’s what I saw from Ringside this weekend.

    - “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin has turned the corner for me and I am “buying” rather than “selling” the former ROH World Champion. Sometimes it is easier to throw away and build new rather than renovate but they don’t make them like Elgin. With a number one contender’s match upcoming at “Best in the World”, it wouldn’t shock me at this point to see Elgin go all the way to the top again.

    - It is easy to say that Roderick Strong is great but I can honestly say he has never been better in the time I have known him. He was in the first ROH main event I called (“The Big Bang” in April, 2010) and went on to become a ROH World Champion and World Television Champion between then and now but he’s better than ever. I have said several times in this column that Roddy is great, etc. but he was better this weekend than ever.

    - Adam Cole is as popular a “rulebreaker” as I have ever seen. It seems the more over-the-top and braggadocios he acts, the more the fans like “Adam Cole Bay Bay”. Unfortunately, King Corino hasn’t gotten the hint that Cole is no longer stringing Corino along in my shameless broadcast partner’s efforts to hang around Cole. It’s “Kingdom Forever” for the former ROH World Champion.

    - Current champs Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal will find the winner at Best in the World not only has beaten one of the greatest champions of all time but find themselves under fire from a boatload of challengers. While subjective, it’s as deep a Top Contenders list as I have ever seen.

    - The Texas scene and the ROH Tryout Camps brought forth some great competitors this weekend and perhaps some future ROH stars. The masked Americos recently battled Moose on ROH TV and has attended several ROH Tryout Camps, improving and impressing each time. His matches this weekend were well-received and with positive outcomes. “Dirty” Andy Dalton got some “frequent flyer” miles courtesy of two beasts, Shane Taylor and Keith Lee. At over 800 total pounds, Taylor and Lee were physically impressive and have something to offer. Dalton is a second-generation wrestler who has the tools and with some fine tuning will be worth watching.

    - I can’t say enough about the crowd in OKC Saturday night. A great mix of fans, young and old. Some real characters in the crowd but everyone had a great time. When the Briscoes posed for pictures from fans after the show, it turned into a real party. Great venue! A fun night was had by all.


    - King Corino and I got to catch up with Jim Ross (@JRsBBQ) at intermission. JR got to the event during the first half, watched the matches and spent time with everyone in the locker rooms. It’s kind of a mind-blower to be friends with JR now, after spending years under his tutelage and under his watch. I reported to Jim when we worked together and I always had the utmost respect for him. Now, as peers, we are on a different level that I am still getting used to but it’s great!

    - Great weekend for the Kingdom and War Machine who I think are on the fast track to title glory here in ROH. Of course, those roads to the gold intersect with one another and the battles between Bennett, Taven, Hanson and Rowe are just getting started.

    - Watch out for Maria Kanellis, who was on the phone with a highly-influential industry leader this Saturday and had Bennett on the phone with them as well. To whom she was talking remains confidential but the First Lady has a vast array of contacts at her disposal.

    The Road to Best in the World rolls into Collinsville, IL on Friday June 5th and then to Nashville this Saturday June 6th. Looking forward to seeing all the great ROH fans join us in droves!

    Don’t forget, Ring of Honor Wrestling TV can be seen every weekend on your local Sinclair station and then Wednesday nights, you can now ROH on Destination America at 8/7c. If you’re Not sure what channel Destination America is? Use this link to find it in your area http://www.destinationamerica.com/channel-finder/ #WatchROH Wednesdays 8/7c

    The best is yet to come…

    Yours in Sport,

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