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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    Who would step up and become undeniable? What is Michael Elgin’s new identity? What is the team name for Adam Cole and reDRagon? These questions and more will be answered in my look back to the kickoff of the “Reloaded” tour for Ring of Honor.

    We know who the “big money” players are in Ring of Honor but it is far from a closed group. As the Matchmaker of ROH, Nigel McGuinness is always looking to add names into the mix but it is not a matter of just adding bodies. He is looking for the “undeniable”, those that exude talent, gushing from every pore of their bodies.

    On Saturday, I saw three men who showed that level of physical commitment, mastery of the craft and emotional drive required to be considered for future title shots when Adam Page, Cedric Alexander and Moose stepped up in a big way.

    Both Page and Alexander are driven by frustration that has led them to not only make controversial decisions with who guides them but also how they conduct themselves in the ring. That was clear when Adam Page called out Jay Briscoe on Ring of Honor Television and hasn’t shut up since. It was evident when Cedric seized the wrench and KO’ed Moose, not once but twice.

    On Saturday, both Adam Page and Cedric Alexander showed me they are more than just frustrated flashes of light but rather burning examples of undeniable talent who are main-event ready.

    Moose has always had the main event tools but just needed the reps as experience is always an honest barometer. Saturday, I saw a physical and mental confidence with Moose that proves to me he is ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

    All three have become undeniable and it may be just a matter of time before they are champions in ROH.

    Either he snapped or the light came on. That’s what I told a fan at ringside when he asked what happened with “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. When you watch the VOD of the Atlanta event, you’ll see two outbursts from Elgin that I believe could shape his actions going forward. He came through the curtain after the second episode and had a smile on his face from ear to ear. The more I think about it, I think the light has come on for Elgin and he will become more popular than ever.

    Make sure you listen to Maria Kanellis’ pointed commentary during the tag team match with the Kingdom facing Watanabe and Ferrara. Never shy about expressing her opinions, the “First Lady of ROH” let it fly and her honest opinions will be talked about throughout the wrestling world.

    Conspicuous by his absence was Truth Martini but Jay Lethal was not alone as “Women of Honor” star Taeler Hendrix accompanied the “Champ”. Was this a one-time event or is it the start of an expansion effort for the House of Truth?

    Finally, the six-man tag team main event was so entertaining and physical and it’s worth going out of your way to see. The Addiction and Jay Lethal teamed to face Adam Cole and reDRagon. While it looks like Cole is done with the Kingdom, I think we will see more from Cole, Fish and O’Reilly. So, what can we call this trio? Red Shock? Future Dragon?

    One fan had a sign in the front row and it seemed to resonate with everyone… Dragon Shock. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on a team name for Adam Cole and reDRagon. Tweet your name suggestions to @RealKevinKelly on Twitter and we’ll see what sticks.

    Atlanta is a great wrestling town and we look forward to our return! Get well soon, @CliffCompton!

    Yours in Sport,

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