A View From Ringside – Dearborn and Chicago Ridge

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    My bag will barely be unpacked before it’s time to load up again for San Antonio and All Star Extravaganza this Friday on Pay-Per-View and a jam-packed TV taping on Saturday. But many great memories for fans and announcers alike were made this past weekend on the Reloaded Tour. Let’s look back at some of the notes I took along the way.

    Matt Sydal is amazing. His masterful performances in Dearborn and Chicago Ridge were more than enough to carry him to a 2-0 lead in the Best of 5 series against ACH. Sydal was dominant in victory in Dearborn but only thanks to a thirty second flurry of offense at the very end by ACH, this series is one apiece as we head to Match 3 this Friday. While fans may call what ACH was able to accomplish remarkable, I believe he is playing with fire and will get burned if he doesn’t change his strategy. ACH has been controlled by Sydal in the first two matches so what will happen in Match 3 with a potential closeout Match 4 scheduled for Saturday at out TV taping.

    Timing was on Steve Corino and ROH’s side this past weekend. Many months ago, Steve booked a tour of England coinciding with the Dearborn/Chicago Ridge weekend and after he got into an altercation with BJ Whitmer again in Atlanta, it was decided that Steve take the England tour to keep these two separated as best as possible. I’ve been in wrestling for almost 25 years and I can only think of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels as two guys I worked with whose personal issue so deeply affects everyone around them. BJ even shoehorned his way into the commentary booth to further his agenda this weekend. While he did well in analyzing the matches, Whitmer was also there to help Adam Page assault Jay Briscoe on Friday and Mark Briscoe on Saturday. To say I am looking forward to Steve’s return in San Antonio would be an understatement.

    To quote Gorilla Monsoon, stick a fork in Adam Cole and The Kingdom because they are done. What a trio Adam Cole and reDRagon make!

    I called a buddy of mine who works for the airlines to check out the validity of Maria, Taven and Bennett’s story of travel delays on Friday. Seems fishy to me but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Regardless, they look to become World Tag Team Champions this Friday when they face the champs, the Addiction and the Young Bucks in a Triple Threat Match at All Star Extravaganza.

    The most improved wrestler over the past year or so in ROH? Watanabe and it’s not even close. Watch his matches against Jay Briscoe from Dearborn and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin in Chicago Ridge and think back to his first days in the company. Night and day… and don’t forget that Watanabe gets a TV Title shot against the winner of Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish on Saturday.

    Free from Veda Scott’s control this weekend, Cedric Alexander, who faces Moose this Friday at All Star Extravaganza was free to chat. We spoke about a few subjects, including his attorney but mainly talked about his training and diet adjustments he’s made that Cedric feels have been positive. Separately, Moose told me that he has something very special planned for Cedric and their No Disqualification Match this Friday on Pay-Per-View. “No DQ” is new to Moose so we’ll see how he has prepared for this first-time challenge.

    Jay Lethal defends both of his World titles against the members of reDRagon in One Fall singles matches this Friday. I’ll avoid predictions because Lethal is beyond predictable but there is no one else in Professional Wrestling today who simultaneously holds two titles with the prestige of Lethal’s championships. Good luck to Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly who will have to be nearly perfect to beat Lethal.

    It’s just before 7am on Tuesday as I finish writing this column but all I can think about is Friday and All Star Extravaganza.

    Yours in Sport,


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