A View From Ringside – Dearborn and Dayton

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    From my seat at ringside I love it when I see every seat filled and fans standing. A standing-room-only crowd is a true indicator as to how hot the promotion is and such was the case this weekend. Fans jammed the Ford Community Center in Dearborn, MI and the historic Fairgrounds Coliseum in Dayton, OH for two red-hot nights of Ring of Honor Wrestling. Here are some thoughts from the weekend.

    -Alberto El Patrón is the man. Really, that’s it. He’s the man! Here’s a guy who’s a huge international star and he has come into ROH not only looking to entertain the fans but also pit his skills against the best that ROH has to offer. In the two matches this weekend, against ACH in Dearborn and Roderick Strong in Dayton, Alberto put his body at risk as he pushed himself beyond imagination. Go out of your way to see both events, available soon in the VOD section of ROHWrestling.com

    -I saw Roddy at the airport Sunday morning and I was surprised with what I saw. He was happy. Happy not only because he had two amazing matches against Jay Lethal on Friday in Dearborn and the previously mentioned battle with Alberto in Dayton but also because he is keyed up for his match with BJ Whitmer at the 13th Anniversary on Sunday, March 1st on Pay-per-View. He said he was sore and tired but Strong is in a great place mentally, ready to settle things with Whitmer.

    -ACH wants AJ Styles. I heard him say the phrase “I WANT AJ STYLES” about a thousand times over the weekend. Is ACH biting off more than he chew? I talked to ACH for the first installment of “Five Questions With” and the young man is confident, for sure. You can see it by clicking here

    -Injury Report: Jay Briscoe was cut on Friday when “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin struck him with the ROH World Championship belt. No stitches needed but a message was sent by Elgin. The pictures of the effects of the attack were nasty.

    Elgin may have suffered a stinger in his match on Saturday with Chris Dickinson, who impressed ROH officials in Dayton. Elgin said he would be fine but there were some tense moments in the final minutes of their war.

    Roderick Strong did not break his nose on Saturday against Alberto El Patrón but struggled toward the end of the match with the amount of blood he swallowed. El Patrón had a pretty nasty abrasion on his head and had some swelling where he crashed into the barricade on a suicide dive. Reports of a concussion were incorrect. Both Strong and Patrón were banged up but otherwise ok.

    -An impromptu tag team match in Dayton brought me to my feet at the end as Michael Bennett and Matt Taven wound up facing Tommaso Ciampa and Hanson. I would like to see these four go at it again.

    -When will Adam Cole break his silence and when he does, what will he say? I have to believe he will finally speak soon but it’s obvious by his body language that Cole is not ready to talk yet.

    -Is Moose being pushed by Stokely Hathaway too quickly or is the unbeaten ROH rookie ready to step up? With agents and other representation all relying on Moose to generate revenue, it’s no surprise but is he ready?

    -A lot of talk among the locker room this weekend about who is the most dominant champion in ROH? Some believe it is Jay Briscoe while others think it’s Jay Lethal.

    -Maria Kanellis is training heavily for her match with ODB at the 13th Anniversary. Rumors of her training in Cameron, NC were confirmed by the Queen of the Kingdom and the First Lady of ROH herself.

    -Another KRD sighting in Dayton. Something tells me Truth Martini knows something about the Knights of the Rising Dawn.

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