A View From Ringside – From the Production Suite to Las Vegas

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  1. Shout-Outs to the Crew and an Old Friend Returns
    I have called thousands of hours of Professional Wrestling in my 24-plus year career and I could never have done any of it without a team of producers, cameramen and editors to record the matches and my voice so fans can see the finished product.

    Our team in Ring of Honor deserves tremendous amounts of credit for the jobs they do. Not only do the TV production folks deserve credit but so does the ring crew that drives all over the country to set up and tear down and do it again.

    The wrestlers usually get the applause but the crew gets my praise today. Thank you all very much!

    Getting to call the Hopkins, MN event from the production suite gave me a unique perspective on a terrific event.

    Hopkins, MN has become one of the best towns for Ring of Honor in short order. Not only do they turn out in droves but they watch ROH on CW23 regularly. And the Hopkins fans win the prize for “Most Imaginative Signs”, hands down.

    I loved the tag match featuring War Machine against the first-time team of Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser. When I saw the match on paper, I had an idea that it would be entertaining but I was really impressed with how the Bruiser stepped up! Could have been easy for him to coast in this one, being in the ring with three, established ROH stars but the semifinalist from this year’s Top Prospect Tournament stood out and he will earn future opportunities based upon his outing in Minnesota.

    Speaking of Silas Young, to me, he is the “Most Underrated” on the ROH roster. Since coming back from knee surgery, he has been rebuilding the ladder to make the climb again. Silas is so angry but a lot of what he says makes sense to a plurality of fans. I don’t see myself as a guy that Silas would ever care for but he has my respect for his athleticism and his willingness to share his opinions.

    I miss watching Truth Martini wrestle and the “mixed tag” with Jay Lethal teaming with the leader of the “House of Truth” against Jay Briscoe and ODB took me back to when Truth was a full-time wrestler. Every wrestler who wonders what they might be missing should watch this match and see how a guy with a chronic neck injury gets it done.

    If anyone asked a Professional Wrestling fan “what is Pro Wrestling in 2015?” he or she could show the main event from Hopkins, MN on July 11th as the answer. AJ Styles, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly are among the best at what they do and this match had everything a fan could want.

    This event is available right now at ROHWrestling.com http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/roh-s-aftershock-tour-stop-hopkins-minnesota-available-now-vod

    The action for Ring of Honor continued in Las Vegas and we were in one of the nicest arenas I have ever seen. “Sam’s Town” has an intimate room that is perfect for wrestling and looked amazing on camera. We will be back there, for sure!

    What was Austin Aries’ agenda? We would find out quickly as he kicked off the show with a special interview. Aries explains why he left the company and why he has returned. You must hear it for yourself!

    To me, a great wrestling card is like a multi-course meal. You begin with the appetizer and then they bring out the entrée. Finally ending the night with dessert, you are left satisfied. Each course is unique in size, presentation and taste, filling you but leaving you wanting more. The best Ring of Honor events please the palate and captivate all the senses with a mix of athleticism, drama and pure fun. The Las Vegas event had everything a fan could want in abundance with an ending that will certainly surprise many.

    The Young Bucks/Roppongi Vice match was so entertaining and athletic and the Manae Takahashi/ODB match really wowed the fans. “One Dirty Briscoe” really stepped up her game to hang with one of the all-time greats.

    Moose, Dalton Castle, War Machine’s Hanson, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven. All are top guys, all were featured in Las Vegas and all were discovered by Ring of Honor at a ROH Tryout Camp. I laugh when I hear some doubt our track record.

    I am starting to wonder if Kyle O’Reilly has Jay Lethal’s number. I wonder if Bobby Fish could have Lethal’s number as well.

    Maria Kanellis threw out an interesting tidbit about her long-term plans for the Kingdom. Is she putting herself on the clock?

    Adam Cole spends more time loosening up just his shoulder than any other ROH wrestler warms up before a match in entirety. Let’s not forget that he is five months ahead of schedule and maybe that is part of the reason for some of his frustrations in matches?

    Good luck to “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin in the G-1 Climax Tournament for New Japan!

    We will see you all in Baltimore for Death Before Dishonor. Go to ROHWrestling.com to order!http://www.rohwrestling.com/ippv

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