A View From Ringside – ROH Tryout Camp

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    “Are you ‘Undeniable’”? That was the question we asked this weekend over and over again. The goal of every ROH Tryout Camp is to teach and discover. Teach what attendees don’t know and find out if they are indeed undeniable. We’ve gotten so many of our top stars through these Tryout Camps and Ring of Honor looks to see if the hopefuls have the same traits.

    With the recent increased level of television exposure for Ring of Honor, it was expected that there would be an increase in demand for the ROH Tryout Camp. While the number of trainees increased, so did the quality. We saw so much great wrestling ability this weekend and here are some of my observations.

    While I question the frequent displays of temerity from Truth Martini and Jay Lethal, the wrestling acumen of this duo is off the charts. Their combined knowledge and practical application of the fine Art of Professional Wrestling is mind-blowing.

    Have you ever heard of “Space Monkey”?

    One young lady at the Tryout Camp had jaws dropping at her level of physicality and toughness. I don’t want to share her name in this column without her permission but trust me, we were amazed.

    BJ Whitmer brought Colby Corino to the Dojo to do a lot of side work, drills and fundamentals. It’s clear that Whitmer knows his stuff and was a valued instructor but he paid special attention to Adam Page’s “young boy” this weekend.

    Several wrestlers from New England fared quite well, including a young tag team of Cam Zagani and Anthony Greene, the Can-An Connection as well as Scotty Slade. What is it about the New England area turning out so many great wrestlers?

    Also impressing ROH trainers and officials was their trainer, veteran Brian Fury, who trained last year’s Top Prospect Tournament winner, Donovan Dijak. Fury is a 16-year vet who has fully recovered from a devastating ankle injury and is looking to gain access to the top of the card of Ring of Honor. Brian showed why his reputation as a wrestler is equal to his pedigree as a trainer.

    From this camp alone, we could field a Top Prospect tournament three times over and not lack quality matchups and future Ring of Honor stars. The field this weekend was that deep.

    There were several products from the world famous “Monster Factory” as well. Team 3D Academy students also stood out as well.

    From the camp this past weekend, I’ve locked one name away in a virtual time capsule, as I predict he will be a future World Champion. Early into his journey, this young man has all the tools to be a star. To share his name right now would be unfair to him but he is aware of my prediction and has communicated with me that he plans on making my prediction a reality. Time will tell…

    The final takeaway from the Tryout Camp this weekend was the level of positivity that was shared by and with everyone. You could feel it in the room. Originally planned to end around 5:00 the first day, we wrapped up Day One training at 10:45pm. Day Two ended at 9:30pm. We had so much material to cover, there was no way we could end “on time” and everyone was still hungry for more.

    At the conclusion of the camp, each trainer stood and addressed the group, sharing their message of hope. Not all will succeed in their journey but everyone departed Bristol, PA with a clear vision of what is required.

    Become undeniable and the world can be yours…

    Yours in Sport,

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