A View From Ringside – San Antonio (Contains Spoliers)

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    Passion. It runs through the veins of Ring of Honor stars and the fans that support them. ROH fans are the most passionate group I have ever seen in my 24 years in the Professional Wrestling industry. As the number of ROH fans continues to grow at each Ring of Honor event, I think about how the world has taken notice.

    It’s obvious to passionate ROH fans that Ring of Honor has an enormous influence over the entire Pro Wrestling universe and even the casual fan has been impacted by Ring of Honor. Look at the current landscape and the titles held by former ROH World Champions Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen and Tag Team Champion Claudio Castagnoli. The path to greatness runs through Ring of Honor.

    This past Saturday in San Antonio, we saw a face-to-face confrontation between ROH World Television Champion, Jay Lethal and Ring of Honor World Champion, Jay Briscoe. Lethal has been crowing for months that he is the greatest champion in Ring of Honor, while Briscoe has gone about his business, silent on the issue.

    After what happened this past Saturday and you’ll see on the April 18th edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, it’s clear that Lethal will continue to crow but Briscoe will no longer remain silent.

    As fans all across the world know that former ROH champions are at their personal bests right now, I believe the two most dominant champions in the world of Professional Wrestling are Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe. Just look at their records.

    Lethal has held the ROH World Television Championship for over one year. He’s had more successful title defenses than any other previous TV champ and has increased the profile of the title he holds, adding to the significance of each successful title defense.

    ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe has not been pinned or submitted in over two years. His win at Final Battle over Adam Cole took Briscoe’s second reign to another level, in my opinion. His most recent title defense against Samoa Joe at Supercard of Honor added to his legacy.

    If voting was held today for a Ring of Honor Hall of Fame, I have no doubt in my mind that both Lethal and Briscoe would be first-ballot entrants but we are talking about the here and now.

    Who is the Greatest Champion? Let the debate begin.

    I am shocked at Christopher Daniels but should I really be? Hasn’t he always done things that best serve him and his agenda?

    ACH needed a big time performance after some tough losses against high-profile opponents and he got one on Saturday. But Adam Page stepped up as well and will not go quietly, despite ACH’s triumph in a main-event spot.

    Cedric Alexander faced off against Michael Elgin and the outcome of the battle of two ROH stars at crossroads didn’t change either man’s trajectory. I think Elgin is ready to get back to the top of the heap but he must make amends with Nigel McGuinness.

    I have never seen Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly as angry as they were Saturday night. Bobby’s yelled before, as he’s a bit of a raw, open nerve from time to time but the normally low-key Kyle was extremely animated at the end of the night. Look for scores to be settled by reDRagon.

    Congratulations to the Kingdom’s Michael Bennett and Matt Taven for capturing the NJPW Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. Maria Kanellis made history with the win, as the power and influence of the First Lady of Ring of Honor has grown exponentially over the past few months.

    Related to the Kingdom, I owed Adam Cole an apology and he made sure he got one from me. I was wrong and admitted to my mistake.

    But the highlight of the night for me was meeting a Wounded Warrior and his handsome son after the event. I can’t thank our Veterans enough for their service and sacrifice for me and my family. I look forward to meeting more great heroes as the journey continues for me as I head into my 25th year of Professional Wrestling broadcasting.

    Thanks to all the great fans in San Antonio! You were the stars of the show Saturday night!

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