A View from Ringside – Wild in Minnesota

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    I remember voicing the first ROH event at the Eisenhower Community Center in Hopkins, MN, right outside Minneapolis and I saw a great building with a relatively small but enthusiastic crowd.

    Flash forward to this past Saturday and every seat was filled with loud, passionate, knowledgeable Ring of Honor fans and I couldn’t help but think about how far ROH has come in that great town in a relatively short period of time.

    As King Corino and I called the event for VOD and two upcoming episodes of Ring of Honor Television, we found ourselves letting the crowd’s voices tell the story more times than not because the Standing Room Only crowd was fully captivated and loved what they saw.

    Without too many spoilers, here is my View from Ringside.

    I met Ariya Daivari for the first time on Saturday and the “Persian Party Boy” may have a bright future but his obnoxious side was in full effect. He seems like one of those guys who is nice to your face but has something to say once your back is turned.

    Bobby Fish had a heck of a time in his match with Daivari but had a cool experience with a group of fans at ringside. Early in the week, Fish tweeted that his young daughter questioned why fans were saying “Yellow Tree” when in fact they were saying “that was three”. So, some creative lads in the front row brought signs for many of their ROH favorites and had a series of “#YellowTree” signs for Fish. He came out to sign those posters after the event.

    The growing popularity for both Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly is amazing. reDRagon hasn’t changed but the fans respect them and their success.

    When is ROH going to produce a “Cheeseburger” t-shirt? He’s one of the most consistently popular fan favorites and I think a Burger shirt would be a hot seller.

    Adam Page did not have BJ Whitmer in his corner for the match against ACH and in my opinion, he does not need Whitmer or anyone by his side. When Matt Hardy wrestled Page at Final Battle 2013, he told me afterward that Page will be a champion in ROH one day. Fans already recognize ACH as a future champion and I think after watching Page vs ACH, they’ll feel the same way about Adam Page.

    War Machine vs the Briscoes exceeded my expectations. The match was that good. Trust me…

    Same for Jay Lethal vs Kyle O’Reilly. I know it annoys Jay Lethal to be compared to and against Jay Briscoe. If I was Lethal, I might feel the same way. Part of me wonders if Lethal wished that Jay Briscoe left the company, got out of Professional Wrestling altogether. But both Briscoe and Lethal are here to stay. Two great champions. Two leaders. Two of the absolute best.

    Lethal let the world know after the event that he thinks Jay Briscoe is a cretin. Merriam-Webster defines “cretin” as a “stupid, vulgar or insensitive person”. I’ve heard that word before but never realized calling someone a cretin symbolized more than just a basic character flaw.

    King Corino was thrilled to see fans from his native Winnipeg and liked “Hotshot” Danny Duggan in his debut. The “204” was represented well on Saturday night.

    Word around the locker room is that ROH officials are looking at potentially running some bigger venues in certain markets and look for the partnership with Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling to continue and potentially expand.

    We are also looking to expand our inside the barricade view at ROHwrestling.com and will be trying some things in the weeks and months to come.

    ROH officials are finalizing plans for the next Tryout Camp as well.

    I had a two hour flight home and had lots of notes so forgive me for a longer than usual View from Ringside. I’ll see all of you in attendance in Philly on May 12th for the start of War of the Worlds.

    Yours in Sport,

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