A View From Ringside - Atlanta

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    When future NFL Hall of Fame inductee, John Abraham arrived Saturday just before doors opened, I went outside to bring him in and I couldn’t believe what I saw. A line… a line of fans that stretched the length of the North Atlanta Trade Center and turned out toward the road. When all those fans jammed inside, I knew the night was going to be special. Boy was I right!

    From the opening bell, the crowd was a huge part in what made the night so great. They were into every match and pushed the amazing athletes of ROH even further. I wondered if many in attendance were there to see the homecoming for Gainesville, GA native AJ Styles or former Atlanta Falcon, Moose but what I realized was the overwhelming majority were there to see Ring of Honor. It was obvious they watch ROH every week on My Network TV Saturday nights at midnight because they knew all the issues and consequences of the results.

    Speaking of the results, I was shocked at the outcome of the main event but I was not shocked at the brutality displayed. I knew that both teams were going to beat the hell out of one another and as the blood poured from the gash on the top of Matt Taven’s head that required six staples to close, I felt it was a turning point for the Kingdom. Not only are Taven and Bennett brash and talented but they are tough as well.

    Jay Briscoe as a gracious ambassador for ROH is as good as it gets. His heartfelt, post-event “thank you” to the fans in attendance spoke for the entire locker room.

    Did bodyguard J. Diesel misspeak or did he mean to say that Jay Lethal is the greatest ROH Champion in history?

    King Corino believes that Cedric Alexander is missing the aggressiveness needed to become a champion in Ring of Honor. From what I saw Saturday, it’s clear that Alexander has everything else required in abundance.

    I can’t believe how far Moose has come and how quickly he has improved. ACH told Caprice Coleman, who called that match with me that he was going to show his power against Moose. ACH can’t afford to make a similar miscalculation in strategy against AJ Styles at the 13th Anniversary this Sunday.

    Did I mention that the 13th Anniversary is live this Sunday on Pay-per-View and you should order now?

    Here’s a shocker… Kyle O’Reilly vs Roderick Strong was an awesome wrestling match on every level and you should go out of your way to see it. Not only that, Roddy continues to impress me with his leadership in the locker room.

    I had a meeting Saturday with a former WWE Superstar, introduced him to all the important players in ROH and discussed potentials for the future. We’ll see if anything comes of it but it was a productive meeting. His name is not one that was previously reported by other sites as having been in attendance.

    Word is John Abraham had an awesome time on Saturday, cornering Moose in his victory over ACH. Don’t be shocked if we Abraham again soon.

    I will no longer request Adam Cole to come out to commentary. It’s ludicrous on my part to expect Cole to speak, considering he’s been silent since Final Battle. But Cheeseburger helped me call the Delirious vs Matt Sydal classic and shared some great insight on his trainer from the Edge of Sanity.

    I hope Stokely Hathaway learned his lesson. Don’t poke the bear.

    We’ve received some odds for Sunday’s main event and you might be shocked at who is the favorite to walk out as Ring of Honor World Champion.

    My pal, Alex Iz, will provide the Spanish play-by-play commentary for the 13th Anniversary and word is he will have a lovely co-host with him.

    I am flattered whenever anyone compares King Corino and me to Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. They were an awesome team, the voice of a generation of fans and to be thought of in that regard is humbling. Corino and I look forward to continuing as the commentary team for ROH for a long, long time.

    That’s it for now. I’ll see you all from Vegas this Sunday and the 13th Anniversary, live on Pay-per-View.


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