A View From Ringside - Glory By Honor Weekend

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
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    *** This article features several SPOILERS from the October 23rd TV Taping which will begin following two hashtags I would like you all to share on social media this week. ***

    ROH returned to Kalamazoo and Dayton and I had a terrific time. Physical and emotional filled battles highlighted the cards and I got to ride with three great men. Here are my thoughts.

    Fans will see the matches from Kalamazoo on TV starting in mid-November, but the action from Dayton will be available on VOD soon. Go out of your way to see the Dayton event when you can as the evening was filled with fantastic matches with a standout being the third contest between the Briscoes and War Machine. Truly great tag team wrestling with two evenly matched teams. When it’s all said and done, I think the rivalry between the Briscoes and War Machine could go down in history as one of the all-time greats.

    Also in Dayton, Adam Cole got the reception of a star. Yes, he betrayed Kyle O’Reilly, stabbing his former partner in the back and denying one half of reDRagon the ROH World Championship but fans recognize Adam Cole is a star. If they were asked, I bet most who were cheering do want to see O’Reilly kick Cole’s ass but it’s like Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair. They like him when he’s good but they love Adam Cole when he’s bad.

    In the opening paragraph, I mentioned that I got to ride with three great men this weekend. In the car with me was referee Todd Sinclair, ring announcer Bobby Cruise and Steve Corino. You can imagine that the car ride after Kalamazoo was bittersweet as Steve was understandably emotional following his announcement regarding his future but we had a great time all weekend. I can’t think of three better guys to travel with and all three are my friends, truly the best at what they do.



    How great of a champion is Jay Lethal? Since capturing the ROH World Championship in June, his aura has only grown. Lethal has gotten stronger as each day clicked by. The same can be said of Roderick Strong, who has come up short in taking the ROH World Championship twice in the same span of time but he’s never been better or more popular.

    When Todd Sinclair’s hand hit the mat for the count of “3” and Roderick Strong had finally bested Jay Lethal for the ROH World Television Championship, I was overjoyed for Roddy, who has worked so hard to claim the gold. But I also felt a bit sad as the amazing, record-setting title reign for Jay Lethal had finally come to an end. He had held the title since April 4, 2014, a total of 567 days. 81 weeks as Television Champion is remarkable. 1 year, 6 months and 19 days. What Jay Lethal has meant to ROH and that Television Championship can never be denied but congratulations to the new ROH World Television Champion, Roderick Strong!

    AJ Styles, who will challenge Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship at Final Battle told Lethal that losing the TV title is the best thing for him. Now, Styles believes, Lethal can fully focus on the World title so he has no excuses when Styles beats him on Friday December 18th on PPV. In typical Lethal fashion, he emphatically told Styles that he is the greatest and never makes excuses. Lethal also told fans that Roddy is great but he shouldn’t have gotten the shot in the first place.

    The stage is set for a World Championship match at Final Battle that has everything you could want, with two of the best in their prime fighting for the most coveted championship in Professional Wrestling.

    Also at Final Battle, War Machine challenges the Kingdom for the ROH World Tag Team Championship and who could blame you if you feel the challengers are the favorites. More matches for Ring of Honor’s biggest event of the year, Final Battle, will be made in the weeks to come.

    I want to end this column with a thank you to my broadcast partner, Steve Corino for his 21 years as a wrestler that are more than likely over. As he faces the challenge of neck fusion surgery, his future is up in the air but I know that everything will work out just fine for Steve. His beautiful wife and son mean everything to him and will help him get through this emotionally trying time.

    Hopefully, things can be worked out and Steve can return to where he belongs - saying obnoxious things on the microphone, calling the great matches on Ring of Honor Wrestling.

    See you in Milwaukee and Minneapolis!

    Yours in Sport,

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