A View From Ringside - Midwest Edition

Discussion in 'ROH Feed' started by ROHNEWS, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. By King Corino
    Since my partner, Kevin Kelly, was off doing good dad stuff last weekend, I have taken it upon myself (with KK getting the assist for asking and then demanding I write this) to give you my view from last weekend's ROH Conquest tour events in Milwaukee and Chicago.

    First off, I have always been a fan of the crowds in Milwaukee and Chicago, dating back to my ECW days. Always electric, no matter what venue we perform in. This past weekend though blew me away of how great these two cities fans are.

    Milwaukee marked the return of Silas Young. There is no doubt this dude is miserable as three day old cat poop, but the fans at Turner Hall love him anyway. But you can never take away anything from his talent. To me, he is a future ROH World champion.

    Speaking of future ROH champions, it would be easy to say that Samoa Joe is the next champion, but for me, ACH is the guy. He has been taking the fight to established stars like Alberto El Patron, AJ Styles, and now Samoa Joe. That is what a young wrestler needs to do to establish himself on the same level. Win, lose, or draw, ACH is in an advanced learning course and is going to be a HUGE star...much to the distain of Adam Page and the rest of The Decade. And that is all I have to say about The Decade.

    ROH World champion Jay Briscoe and ROH World TV champion Jay Lethal proved that as great as they are in singles competition, they cannot get along as a tag team. Lethal is on a mission to prove to everyone that he is the best ROH champion now and ever.

    The Beer City Bruiser stinks...not wrestling wise, but in odor. Cheese and crackers man, take a bath. But you can't deny that he is a force to be reckoned with in Ring Of Honor. He's different than the rest of the roster and that will make him stick out more than his pungent odor.

    How popular is Chesseburger? This kid gives it his all and the fans love him.

    Chicago is always special to me. Especially Chicago Ridge. It is where Jimmy Jacobs and I won the ROH World tag team titles in 2012. And speaking of Jimmy Jacobs, there is something different in him. Some will say inner turmoil, but I think he has found an inner peace. His match with ACH confirms that. Make sure you go out of your way to watch that match!

    My new favorite tag team, RPG Vice, went toe-to-toe with reDRagon and made believers out of the ROH faithful. We saw an amazing series of matches between the champions and Young Bucks in 2014-15. Could RPG Vice and reDRagon be the tag team feud of the year for 2015?

    Cliff Compton returned and faced Jay Lethal in a Chicago Street Fight. From where Joe and I were sitting, we missed half the action, but it sounded amazing. I have always been a huge supporter of Mr. 1859 and I hope this leads to him being a full time member of the roster.

    Michael Elgin and Samoa Joe put on exactly what you would expect them to: A classic. Say what you want about Elgin, but bell to bell, this guy is one of the best. And Joe is Joe. And that is a good...no, great...thing for ROH fans.

    You are able to watch the Milwaukee event now and Chicago Ridge event later today through the Video on Demand section at ROHwrestling.com by clicking HERE.

    OK, so its not as cool and in-depth as KK, but this was my View from Ringside. And if you hate it, send your hate tweets to @RealKevinKelly. All compliments are welcome at @KINGCorino

    Supercard Of Honor IX is next . DON'T MISS IT!!!!

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