A View From Ringside - Nashville

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  1. By Kevin Kelly

    Ring of Honor returned to Nashville for the first TV taping of the 2015. As I sat ringside for the four shows, here are some of my observations. A common theme you will here in this recap is “you have to see it for yourself” to truly appreciate the big moments that made this taping so special.

    How would Alberto El Patrón’s debut for ROH go? What was his mindset? What were his goals? Would he be ready for the style of competition that can only be found in Ring of Honor? I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. First, Alberto is a consummate gentleman. He was gracious and accommodating to autograph requests and came in to Nashville in great shape.

    When Alberto came out, he was genuinely moved by the reaction he got from the fans. Over the past few years, whether it was Matt Hardy or AJ Styles, when a big star from another promotion comes to ROH, they are taken aback by the passion and energy of a Ring of Honor crowd but El Patrón’s reaction showed me that he had no idea what to expect when he came through the curtain but fed off the energy of the audience. He’s a huge star and had his “working boots” on, for sure.

    Jay Lethal is a top guy, a huge star and looks to make the ROH World Television Championship the most prominent title defending in the company. But, the chip on his shoulder he is carrying is enormous and some would say it could lead to his inevitable demise. I believe the best is yet to come from Lethal and the chip will only make his stronger.

    Adam Cole left more questions than answers, to say the least.

    The Top Prospect Tournament featured the most diverse field ever and the matches were competitive and entertaining. Will the fourth winner in a row come from the New England area?

    Last year’s Top Prospect winner, Hanson, got 2015 off to a rousing start. He starts the year swimming with sharks and will not be able to sneak up on anyone any longer. War Beard has an enormous target on him right now.

    Speaking of targets, everyone wants ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. Not only those who want to unseat him from his perch atop Ring of Honor but the Kingdom looks to destroy Briscoe as well. Something has to give between the Kingdom and the Briscoe Brothers. It can’t go on much longer like it is.

    Wait until you see what ODB does and how she is received by the fans in Nashville!

    Matches for the 13th Anniversary event on Sunday, March 1st on Pay-per-View will come into focus over the next few weeks on TV. Not only that, the Road to Vegas will be competitive as well as ROH has big cards set up on the Winter Warriors tour.

    I had an off-the-record conversation with a main event player in ROH who told me that big changes may be forthcoming for him. I provided some advice on how to proceed but I feel confident that he’ll make the right decision.

    It was clear to me at ringside that the next four weeks of Ring of Honor Television are “can’t miss” episodes. I would ask that anyone who reads this to spread the word about the quality of these shows. Tell your friends… anyone who calls themselves a wrestling fan. Trust me! They’ll thank you.

    And I thank you as well. Thank you to the fans in Nashville and thank you to all the fans around the world that made 2014 a fantastic year for ROH. The best is yet to come in 2015.

    See you in Philly!

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