A View from Ringside - Philadelphia

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  1. By Kevin Kelly

    Some things change but some things stay the same.

    I’ve been to the building before but Saturday, at the famous arena on the corner of Swanson and Ritner in Philly with a new look, felt very comfortable as Ring of Honor taped TV and wowed the fans once again. Here are some of my thoughts.

    I’ve said it before in this column. Roderick Strong looks better than ever and made a statement with a sudden victory over QT Marshall. No slight to QT… I don’t know if anyone can beat Roddy at this time. Strong goes to Dearborn this Friday to face Jay Lethal for the World Television Championship and he’s my pick to win.

    The rivalry between reDRagon and the Young Bucks has started to pick up in intensity and their ROH World Tag Team Championship match scheduled for the 13th Anniversary event on Sunday, March 1st from Las Vegas, NV on Pay-per-View will be much different than the ROH Match of the Year these two teams had last May. Champions are the favorite in most title defenses but who is the favorite?

    Jay Briscoe must know that he is going to have to absorb more punishment than he ever has before on Sunday March 1st. Hanson, Ciampa and Elgin all want the ROH World Championship and Saturday, they made no secret about their target. Jay Briscoe went “All In” but has to be questioning that decision, even though Jay has never been one to back away or back up.

    Somewhere, sometime, Maria Kanellis is going to get caught.

    I love the ROH Top Prospect Tournament and the four men that made it to Philly were amazing. I take great pride that every Top Prospect entrant has attended at least one ROH Tryout Camp and it speaks volumes about the value of the ROH Tryout Camps. Next one is March 21st and 22nd and you can find more about it here

    What’s going through Steve Corino’s mind after what happened Saturday? I don’t know how I would react if I was in his spot but it’s got to be frustrating. I tried to talk to him about it but didn’t want to press.

    Mark Briscoe will be my guest this week on the “Kevin Kelly Show”. Here’s where you can find the podcast. http://placetobenation.com/kevinkelly/

    I don’t know who or what KRD is all about but we have more questions than answers at this time. Speculation is good but who is behind this? What is their agenda? Target?

    I find myself a frequent “ear” to many ROH stars. While I would never divulge anything that is said to me in confidence, I was told by one wrestler in particular that they plan on making a huge change very soon.

    Injuries happen all the time in wrestling but so do recoveries… and returns. Get ready!

    Value is important to me and I think there is great value in a Ringside Membership to ROHWrestling.com. If you have never checked it out, here is more information.

    We will be back on the road this weekend for the Winter Warriors Tour in Dearborn and Dayton! Look forward to seeing you then.


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