A View From Ringside - The Road to Final Battle

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    View from Ringside
    I work with a group of perfectionists. Athletes in Ring of Honor are so consumed with the ideal outcome that satisfaction can be elusive. The quest continues at Final Battle but the journey to the Pay-Per-View event featured an amazing series of struggles, with big moments and plenty of emotions. Here are some of my observations from the Road to Final Battle.


    Conflict brings out the best and worst in athletes. Roderick Strong was certainly conflicted before finally overcoming Jay Lethal to become the new ROH World Television Champion. The conflict he faced made Strong even better. The hyper-competitive Bobby Fish, who challenges Roddy at Final Battle, took a controversial tone as he questioned whether or not Roderick Strong is “the guy”. I’ll write more about this before Friday’s event but this match between Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong for the ROH World Television Championship is about much more than just the title.

    Jay Lethal could have done the easy thing, the predictable thing when faced with conflict. He was put on the spot by Ring of Honor legend and former ROH Champion Jerry Lynn. Instead, Lethal did the best thing possible. He took the high road but Jay Lethal also made it very clear that he is the one and only champion that matters in the world today and AJ Styles won’t be able to change that when they meet for the ROH World Championship at Final Battle.

    Damn, the Young Bucks and the Briscoes had a helluva match! But ANX is ready to spoil the Superkick Party at Final Battle.

    What was going through Chris Sabin’s mind the split second he saw longtime tag team partner Alex Shelley under the red mask of the KRD? It was as if he saw a ghost. Had Sabin left Shelley? Was their split mutual or combative? Friend or foe? But I have to admit there was something anachronistic about seeing Shelley and Sabin across from one another.

    Deepest tag team division in Professional Wrestling? Check. But please add one other team to the mix in Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser. What seemed almost an accidental pairing now has gelled into a fighting unit, far from refined but impossible to overlook.

    He was only four days post-op but it was great to see Steve Corino in Nashville. I don’t know when I’ll see him again or what his future holds but I’ll always consider Steve a great friend.


    Sorry to the doubters but the Young Bucks are for real. They are bonafide top guys with star power and charisma second-to-none. Their match against Jay Lethal and Donovan Dijak was a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns and physical drama at its finest. Their statements in our exclusive ROH Post Game report made it abundantly clear that Matt and Nick Jackson know their worth and will make all doubters pay.

    It was the first time they met in a singles match but I hope it wasn’t the last. Matt Sydal and Jay Briscoe had a masterful contest. I asked during commentary whom is more likely to win a ROH singles title in 2016, either Matt Sydal or Jay Briscoe. Right now, I am evenly split. Both are that good!

    Adam Cole is smart, successful and devious. His calculated style exploits opponents’ weaknesses. He heard the locker room chatter. His opponent, Kenny King was looking for a knee brace as his left knee was a little balky. Cole zeroed in on the left knee of King and pressed that edge to the finish line.

    Kyle O’Reilly makes it look so easy. His transitions are smooth and his offense is tailor made for him. O’Reilly knows who he is and for Adam Cole to say that Kyle is not ROH World Championship material offends O’Reilly to his core. Their match at Final Battle is not for a title or a title shot like Moose vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin but it is all about the Championship future for both men and more.

    I hope all ROH fans are ready for Final Battle because it was clear on the Road to Final Battle that the combatants are more than ready to deliver perfection on Friday December 18th, live on Pay-Per-View.

    Yours in Sport,

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