A.W. Signs Primo & Epico to his "Talent agency"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 3, 2012.

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  1. WWE.Com released a article and video clip today of A.W. (Abraham Washington during his time in WWECW) signing the two superstars and their valet Rosa to his "All World" Talent agency. Those of us who have followed RAW and Smackdown since WM knows that A.W. has been walking around looking for talent to sign to this agency of his. This could be the start of the return of the manager as a active part of WWE television.

    This also shows that there is at least some idea of what to do with Primo and Epico and not just let them disappear more then what they already did over the past weeks (which might have been part of this story all the time.) Epico and Primo is one of the best current teams in the ring at the moment but they haven't been the best on the mic, Rosa is good eye candy but not that good on the mic either. Enter A.W. Abraham is really good on the mic and good at getting talent over as showcased both on WWECW and FCW. Him doing the talking for the two ex-champions could spark of a feud with Kofi and Truth that could reignite the tag team division and the WWE mid card as a whole (I know but a guy can hope can't he?)

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