A way to know who's who.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Snowman, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Superstars and Legends are changing their names constantly on here... is there any way to keep track of who's who?
  2. I'll go install username legend which gives you an option to view all previous names a user has used (on their profile).
  3. *Jonathan likes Censorious' posts.*
  4. Done.


    Example ^^

    Click the number and it shows their previous usernames.
  5. Mine says "0" by the way so no one knows who I am bitches.
  6. All will say no. It only logs it since install, but it's pretty obvious who people are anyway.
  7. No it's not.
  8. Gonna steal the name Sylar.
  9. YES! YES! YES! is what'shecalled who started Fed X.
    Mind is blank.
  10. F*ck you, no way, I bet you won't do it.
  11. Here's a novel idea. Stop changing your name you retards.
  12. Exactly!

  13. Or you know, you could just use the actual 'like' feature in the bottom right corner of the post.
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  16. See, I thought you were the old RKO/Babyface/Nitro, If those three are the same person.

    Thanks, Crayo/Optimus/Anxiety/Censorious/Whatever that other one was... I appreciate that.
  17. RKO/BABYFACE/NITRO is now Brock Lesnar I believe. Jonathan has always had the same name.
  18. Since something has been done about this, it can be closed.
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