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    *A high pitched scream plays as a forest appears on the titantron with Chris standing in it*
    So Will it seems like we've got a real good match on our hands. I've slowly done what I've needed to do to get to you and turn you a little insane...I broke your partner in a steel cage, I'm going to break you in a deathmatch and then I'm going to break Tony in the hell in a cell match. I'm more powerful then you and I know the pain of weapons more than you. Haha the fact that you think you can even challenge me just makes me laugh.
    *While Chris speaks he walks through the forest and as the camera looks round you can see figures in the distance*
    See Will I'm very unstable but I'm also very smart I can work my way round things until I finally get into a situation where I can let all my anger and frustrations out and I got you exactly where I wanted you when I ripped your skin and you to shreds, but I didn't finish you because I wanted to really end you in a good old fashion death match.
    *Chris finally reaches the end of the forest and as the camera looks out into the open you can see an asylum with many people with masks, straight jackets etc on*
    This is where I train...I know it seems a little weird right but fighting people who have their own inner demons too excited me you know I love being able to let my demons out and destroy people, especially those who others are afraid of.
    *Chris walks through into the asylum and through the gate with the cameraman beside him. You can hear heavy breathing because the cameraman is clearly worried*
    You've taken me to a dark place Will and trust me when I get my hands on you there's no way you're stepping out of that ring. I'm going to rip every bit of skin on your body, I'm gonna make sure your body is nothing but drenched in blood, I'm going to break all of your bones so you can't move and I'm going to beat that little face of yours until your skull is crushed.
    *Anger starts to spread across Chris' face*
    You really think you can stop me Will?! Do you really want to feel the force of insanity?! Is this what you want?! I'm going to kill you Will. I'm going to be the last thing you see! You better take in that daylight because you're not going to be seeing it for much longer and you better get comfy in your bed because you're gonna be spending most of your days in a hospital bed after I'm done with you.
    *The cameraman moves backwards so that the camera can see most of the cells and levels of the asylum. Prisoners with masks and straight jackets begin to bash against the cells, screaming and shouting two things, one side screams one and the other side shouts another (the two are said almost like a "let's go Cena, Cena sucks chant")*
    *This happens until the cameraman is outside and turns around to a picture of Will's face stuck onto a mannequin which has been beaten and has nails, barbwire and drills stuck into it, then the cameraman turns round and...SUPERKICK as the camera comes crashing down you see Chris begin to crawl to the camera with his hair over his face whispering something but his voice begins to get louder and louder*
    You were warned Will this is my world and by the end of this week you'll know that...
    *The titantron fades out and the crowd are shocked at what they've just seen*
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