A what if scenario if Goldberg returns

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. What if Goldberg returns....and he attacks people like Big Show, Mark Henry, Ryback, and other strong guys. He even starts lifting two wrestling and is wrecking people when all of a sudden....
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    *play at 0:33* IT'S GOLBRO IT'S GOLDBRO! Big E comes out with a new gimmick and challenges Goldberg to a match, at Survivor Series, in a steel cage match :yay:

  2. Why bring back Goldberg? We've already got Ryback. :haha:
  3. Because Goldbro cannot be Goldbro unless he defeats Goldberg, not Ryberg.
  4. That would be epic.
  5. Would it be stupid of me to think the kids and women would chant Ryback if he came back?
  6. I'd have him beat the shit out of Ryback.
  7. not Big E
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  8. Goldberg should go to TNA, the WWE Retirement Center.
  9. Ironic using this argument to defend a company in which the previous Wrestlemania was headlined by HHH, Undertaker and Rock and the one before that actually.

    Anyway I'm not interested a Goldberg return, his time has come and gone.
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  10. Coalberg vs Goldberg on a Mine in a Cell
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